Seal of Peter de Bending- c1200 - George Medal awarded to Harold James Bending-
Seal of Peter de Bending b1190

Bending family history

George Medal awarded to Harold James Bending 1948/ 6/22

Numerous records establish the existence of Norman Bendings in the 12thC and 13thC when they achieved high office. The de Bendings appear to have been in England before the Conquest and may have originated in Italy in the the first millenium.

Modern Bendings have their roots in Devon, possibly around Bindon, the site of an ancient battle. It may be relevant that a reference is made to "Bending House" near Bindon in an 1840 newspaper report. Documents of the 16thC and early 17thC indicate the family may originally have been of some substance, later evidence shows this did not continue.


Where families have remained in one location for a considerable time there are intermarriages, and some of the associated families are shown on this site.

All documents are shown in Sources, and relevant entries are hyper-linked to personal histories.

Indexes include all persons born before 1951 who are mentioned in the documents, and they are hyper-linked to family trees in four modes (family, personal histories, ascendant and descendant), or to sources.

This web site was created by John Henry Bending who died on March 19th 2016 aged 94.

Michael Bending, Cambridgeshire, England. -

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