Notable Bendings

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Possible connection to the Gherardini family who possibly include the FitzGeralds of Ireland, Gerald of Wales and Lisa di Gherardini (Mona Lisa). see web page   William de Bendeng (1130-1193) - 1174 - Grant of land in Liss, Hampshire. 1176 - Sent to Ireland 1179 - Justiciar of the King to the Northern Circuit. 1183-4 Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset
Peter de Bending (1190-1242) - 1224 - Acknowledges the manor of Westwell to Christ Church, Canterbury and receives a grant of the manor of Little Chart. 1234 - borrows 44/- of Mosse Crespin (a moneylender). 1237 - surrenders Little Chart to repay the money lender. See Google Print   Robert Bendyn (1260-1328> - 1290 - The King's admiral at Dartmouth. 1324 - Admiral of the Western Fleet (against Scotland). 1325 - Admiral from the mouth of the Thames to the western parts of the Cinque ports and other ports 1328.


Gilbert Bending (1691-1749) - 1720 - Stole seven silver spoons, sentenced to be hanged, commuted to fourteen years transportation, (to Maryland, America).   Dennis Ronald Bending (1921-1943) in 1943 on a training flight in a Wellington, crashed in the Cheviot Hills, all the crew were killed. Dennis was buried in Taunton. The site is currently being dug to recover the aircraft, seeweb page Per ardua ad astra.
George Jesse Bending (1893-1914) -1914 - Served on HMS Cressy, which with the Aboukir and the Hague, was torpedoed and sunk by a U Boat on the 28th September 1914. Naval Operations Vol I. War Graves Commission,   Harold James Bending (1919) in 1948 saved two passengers from a burning Dakota of Sabena Airline at Heathrow for which he was awarded a George Medal
Richard Bending (1728-1758) - 1758 - Drowned (or possibly captured by pirates and ransommed) when sailing as cook on the Lichfield which sank off the coast of Barbary. (also see Wikipedia)    
William Bending (1870-1943) Habitual criminal recorded as an inmate of Wormword Scrubs in 1911.