Lists maintained by the General Register Office (GRO) of the civil registration of births, marriages, and deaths commenced in 1837. Births show the maiden name of mothers from 1911, Marriages the surname of spouses from 1912, and Deaths age at death from 1867, and date of birth from 1969.

  Detailed censuses commenced in 1841 and are taken every ten years, information is available up to and including 1901. The 1841 census shows less information than later ones, and ages were rounded up to the nearest 5 years


Tables of Statistics

Births, Marriages and Deaths
Deaths by decade and age-group
Life expectancy in years at various ages, by decade
Numbers and average ages in each census
Family sizes - no. of children per father
Mortality by seniority - children born between 1550 and 1910
Age of Bendings at first marriage
Charts of BMD,families and censuses

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