Medieval Bendings - Notable Dates

1170 Henry II - Inquiry into government of sheriffs by travelling judges
1174 Rebellion against Henry II
1189 Death of Henry II, succession of Richard I
1194 Capture of Richard I
1199 Death of Richard I
1204 King John defeated by Louis Augustus - lost Normandy
1212 Inquiry into tenures by John
1215 Magna Carta
1216 Death of John, succession of Henry III aged 9 - William the Marshall
1219 William the Marshall died
1221 Henry III crowned
1228 Death of Stephen Langton - Archbishop of Canterbury
1230? Odiham given to Eleanor by Henry III
1231 Lands in Leics, Hants, Dorset, Wilts., given to Simon de Montfort
1232 Peter de Rievaulx keeper of the king's wardrobe, Hubert de Burgh - justiciar - driven from power by Peter de Roches
1236 Marriage of Henry III at Canterbury
1238 Simon de Montfort marries Eleanor, sister of Henry III
1240? Henry III defeated by French at Saintes
1248 Simon governor of Gascony
1250 Simon returns
1258 Simon hands back to Henry III castles of Kenilworth and Odiham, receives Winchester. Parliament called
1259 Provisions of Westminster
1260 Earl of Gloucester goes over to royal side, leaves Simon de Montfort
1261 Great Council at Westminster, 3 knights from each Sheriff
1263 Simon asked to return to England by barons, starts rebellion - at Hereford, Reading, Guildford, Reigate, Dover, London. Attacks Rochester Castle but fails to take it. Men of Weald support Simon
1264 Parliament to meet in London
1265 Peace - barons and vassals who defied Henry III were received back as his men. Earl of Gloucester defects. Simon defeated at Evesham. De Montfort family and partisans outlawed and property confiscated

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