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Eva Emilie Eden

Note from Stanley Oswald Henry

Eva came to Canada in the Spring of 1911, to work at the Banff Springs Hotel in the Canadian Rockies. It is a summer - and now, also winter - resort at Banff, Alberta. The Canadian Pacific Railroad Co., who own the hotel, advertised for staff in England. For signing up a special fare was given for boat and train travel - the cost was quite low. Eva's job was a housekeeper and seamstress, and because an age limit of 30 was placed for applicants, Eva put her birthdate as March 16, 1883.

In the Fall of 1911 when the hotel closed for winter, an employment agency offered Eva a job as housekeeper on a ranch near High River - a town in Southern Alberta, quite close to the Rockies. When she arrived at High River by train, she had to hire a team and buggy to drive her to the

. ranch, which was some miles west of the town. David Henry, who worked for a grain company in town, drove her out. On the trip she explained that she was hiring out as a housekeeper for the ranch family. She was quite surprised when David told her that the ranch was owned by a bachelor and that the accommodation was a ramshackle house.

She said it as too late to turn back and would have to stay until she could find another position. David arrived back at the ranch later on that day, told Eva that it was no place for a lady, to pack her things, and drove her back to town. They married in High River the following Spring, on March 4, 1912

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