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Removal Order - Dorothy Bending - 9 April 1677

                                      To the Churchwarden and Overseer of the
                                      poore of Honiton And alsoe to the Overseer
                                      of the poore at Awliscombe parishe
                          Whereas there was one Dorothy Bending of the
                          parishe of Awliscombe came into your parish to inhabitt
                          and brought with her a Certificate now showne  unto
                          us to remove her back again when shee should become
                          chargable: And where wee were informed by you that
                          the said Dorothy Bending is now become poor returned
                          to your parishe: ---- and therefore in his Majesty's name
                          so will I require you to convey the said Dorothy
                          Bending to the said parishe of Awliscombe and deliver
                          her the Overseer of the poore there who are hereby
                          required to remove her at the time for her arriving
                          to the law: --- of ---- what you will.  Given 
                          under my hand and sealed this nineth Day of Aprill 

Thom. South (seal)
H. M. Bragge (seal)


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