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DNA profiling

DNA in the Y chromosome (which is only carried by males) is passed from father to son, so that profiles of this DNA may be compared and if matching show that there is a common progenitor. Changes to the DNA through time are sufficiently rare not to nullify the comparison, and may indicate the distance back to the progenitor. For more information see the Blair DNA Project

Chris Pomery has written an excellent book on 'DNA and Family History' ( see web site) which gives full information on the scientific background to the use of DNA for determining male lineage and its implications for family historians.

There are several organisations which carry out profiling for this purpose. I am not qualified to say which is best, I have used FamilyTreeDNA which is American,

I have opted for the 25 marker haplotypes, and the cost was sterling 135.81. The sample was received in the States on 22 Feb 2006, and the Y DNA results were emailed to me on the 29th March 2006, and the haplogroup results on the 24th November, 2006

I would welcome correspondence with any Bending who has been 'profiled' so that we may compare results to see if we have a common ancestor.

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