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1861 Census 34 East Street, Marylebone, Middlesex RG 9 74 11
Parker Mary B wifem   38 New Sampford
Parker Charles T headm Licensed Victualler 45 Exeter
Parker Edwin B sonu Scholar 8 St Marylebone
Parker Emma B dauu Scholar 7 St Marylebone
Parker Charles B sonu Scholar 6 St Marylebone
Parker Alice M B dau   4mo St Marylebone
Andrews Sarah servu Domestic servant 21 Bactfield, ESS
Blanchard George lodgu Barman 20 Keadby, LIN
Hewson Thomas lodgu Servant 19 Keadby, LIN
Winterflood John servu House servant 23 Sibble Heddingha
1861 Census Old Shop, Dixton, Monmouth RG 9 3988 -
Bindon James sonu   10 Old Cleeve
Bindon Jane wifem   48 Old Cleeve
Bindon Robert sonu   8 Old Cleeve
Bindon William headm Labourer 53 Old Cleeve
Bindon Jane dauu Servant 20 Old Cleeve
1861 Census Church Street, Bedwelty, Monmouthshire RG9 3997 132
Binding Joseph brdrm Labourer39 Bishops Sutton
1861 Census 3 Commercial Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire RG9 - -
Chaundy Eliza dauu Dressmaker 20 Oxford
Slay Ann visiu Housekeeper 24 Hinton
Chaundy George sonu Clerk bookseller 25 Littlemore
Chaundy Maria dauu Scholar 13 Oxford
1861 Census Jesus College, Oxford, Oxfordshire RG9 - -
Slay William servu Under porter  Hinton
1861 Census 4 Abbotts Court, Bedminster, Somerset RG 9 1705 -
Bending Thomas lodgu Tanners labourer 23 Combe Pyne
1861 Census 7 Wellington Street, Bedminster, Somerset RG9 2703 -
Eveleigh Jane wifem   44 Talaton
Eveleigh Francis headm Flour miller's carter 49 Talaton
Eveleigh Mary J daus Waistcott maker 16 Talaton
Eveleigh Caroline A daus Scholar 14 Talaton
Eveleigh Eliza M daus Scholar 6 Talaton
1861 Census 2 Prospect Place, Combe Down, Somerset RG 9 1685 -
Bending Ann wifem   33 Monckton C
Bending John headw Tailor 71 Ottery St Mary
Bending James sonm Master tailor 30 Monckton C
Bending Frank sonu Scholar 7 Monckton C
Bending Ada dauu  3mo Monckton C
Bending Walter sonu Scholar 3 Monckton C
Bending James Edwin sonu Scholar 5 Monckton C

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