Parish Register - Marriages

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Parish Date Name Spouse Notes/Witness
Awliscombe 1586/ 5/ 1John BendingElizabeth Harris
Awliscombe 1590/ 6/25Johane BendingeThomas Walter
Awliscombe 1626/ 4/25John BendingeAgnes Trenow
Broadclyst 1815/ 6/26Thomas BendingAnn Channon Thomas of Holy Trinity Exeter
Clyst Hydon 1608/ 6/16Martin BendingAgnes Coome
Colyton 1589/ 9/27Elizabethe BendenHarry Holmes
Combe Raleigh 1783/10/25Richard BindingBetty Neglatch
E Woolfardisworthy 1794/ 8/ 6William BendingElizabeth Allen
East Budleigh 1627/ 1/ 6Mary BendingeRobert Kernell
East Budleigh 1627/ 1/10Mary Bendine.
East Budleigh 1628/ 5/ 7Martyn BendingeMary Channon
East Budleigh 1631/ 9/15John BendingIsett Ewings
East Budleigh 1746/10/11Jonathon Bendingannah Teed
East Budleigh 1761/ 5/21John BendingMargaret Barnes
East Budleigh 1767/ 2/25John BendingFrances Barret
East Budleigh 1770/ 7/15John BendingRebecca Perry
Exmouth 1687/ 7/ 7Robert BendingJulian Isaack Both of Ottery St Mary,Daughter of Christopher
Fen Ottery 1652/ 8/30Robert BendingDinah Clarke
Heavitree 1818/ 9/15Thomas BindingElizabeth Beer
Ottery St Mary 1703/ 2/ 4Julyan BendingJohn Barons Widow and widower
Ottery St Mary 1716/ 2/28Robert BendingLeah Lugge of Gittisham
Ottery St Mary 1743/ 8/ 1Robert BendingAnn Riggs
Ottery St Mary 1747/ 9/27John BendingJane Ascot
Ottery St Mary 1762/ 9/ 9William BendingMary Huddy
Ottery St Mary 1767/ 7/ 5Thomas BendingSusanna Riggs
Ottery St Mary 1767/ 9/ 8William BendingSusanna Dyer
Ottery St Mary 1769/ 7/ 9Ann BendingThomas Elliott
Ottery St Mary 1770/ 4/15Mary BendingRobert Eveleigh
Ottery St Mary 1774/10/11Ann BendingRobert House Robert Bending
Ottery St Mary 1776/ 3/31John BendingSusanna Preston
Ottery St Mary 1776/ 4/ 8Robert BendingElizabeth Rowe
Ottery St Mary 1781/ 2/ 3William BendingThomasin Berrey
Ottery St Mary 1782/ 8/22William BendingMary Baker
Ottery St Mary 1789/ 6/ 3Sarah BendingWilliam Pyke Richard Bending
Ottery St Mary 1791/ 3/14Eleanor BendingSamuel Murch
Ottery St Mary 1791/ 8/24Susanna BendingJohn Bond Widow and widower
Ottery St Mary 1792/ 4/ 9Eleanor BendingRichard Chown
Ottery St Mary 1792/ 5/28Mary BendingWilliam Channon jnr, William Bending
Ottery St Mary 1796/ 8/ 7Jane BendingThomas Ware Iset Sanders
Ottery St Mary 1800/10/12William BendingMary Stiling
Ottery St Mary 1803/ 6/17Thomas BendingSarah Scriven
Ottery St Mary 1803/11/ 3Elizabeth BendingWilliam Lee
Ottery St Mary 1806/ 1/ 5William BendingEleanor Lemm
Ottery St Mary 1806/ 8/ 3Sarah BendingHenry Allen
Ottery St Mary 1806/10/ 7Mary BendingWilliam Marker
Ottery St Mary 1807/ 2/15Sarah BendingTheophilus Porter William Bending
Ottery St Mary 1809/ 4/10Mary BendingWilliam Sparks
Ottery St Mary 1812/ 9/13Elizabeth BendingRobert Pyke of Yarcombe
Ottery St Mary 1812/11/25John BendingSophia Banks
Ottery St Mary 1812/11/25William BendingMary Bond
Ottery St Mary 1814/ 4/11John BendingMary Sprague
Ottery St Mary 1814/11/ 5Sarah BendingPhilip Channon Jane Bending
Ottery St Mary 1816/ 9/ 1John BendingAnn Riggs
Ottery St Mary 1818/ 5/31James BendingElizabeth Stivens
Ottery St Mary 1819/ 8/17Elizabeth BendingRichard Clapp Richard Bending
Ottery St Mary 1820/10/ 4Elizabeth BendingAmos Apling
Ottery St Mary 1821/ 9/ 9Richard BendingBetsy Branscombe
Ottery St Mary 1823/ 3/24Thomasin BendingJames Cawley Sarah Bending
Ottery St Mary 1825/ 5/ 8Mary Ann BendingWilliam Salter
Ottery St Mary 1826/ 7/16Jane BendingThomas Ware Jane Bending and Thomas Eveleigh
Ottery St Mary 1826/ 8/23John BendingAnn Ashford widower
Ottery St Mary 1827/ 4/12Sarah BendingSamuel Blackmore William Bending and Elizabeth Bending
Ottery St Mary 1829/ 3/17Mary BendingJohn Bond Widow and widower
Ottery St Mary 1830/11/ 8Ann BendingJohn Bowers Elizabeth Bending and William Bowers
Ottery St Mary 1831/ 5/23Elizabeth BendingJohn Oldridge
Ottery St Mary 1832/ 9/23Elizabeth BendingWilliam Dyer Rebecca Bending and Cornelius Peacock
Ottery St Mary 1835/ 3/29Rachael BendingJohn Mildon John Bending
Ottery St Mary 1835/ 4/13Jane WareHenry Basten Jane Ware, widow and widower, Thomazin Bending and William Bending
Ottery St Mary 1835/11/ 8John BendingMary Ann Littley
Ottery St Mary 1836/ 8/ 5Mary BendingWilliam Carpenter Elizabeth Bending and Caroline Daniell
Ottery St Mary 1837/ 2/23Rebecca BendingEdward Tuck James Bending and Arabella Bovett
Payhembury 1593/ 1/13John BendonSusanna Bennett
Payhembury 1626/11/23Ambrose BendonDorothy Drew
Plymtree 1677/ 7/ 6Esau BendenElizabeth Richards
Tiverton 1769/ 9/16Samuel BindingHannah Berry Eleanor Channon
Bulmer 1720/12/27John GlassElizabeth Boreham
Stanstead 1863/ /William GlassHannah Kilbourn Will. blacksmith of Newton
Canterbury Dioc 1683/ /Richard BendenDorothy Filpot
Bethnal Green 1868/12/25Edward BendonMary Ann Papworth Age 19, French Polisher, father Charles
Trull 1867/12/25William BendingLouisa Thorne parents Joseph and Abraham, ages 27 and 29
Wellington 1852/10/ 4John BendingEliza Manley Butcher, Father WIlliam farmer
Gt Waldingfield 1776/10/10James GlassMary Pegg
Long Melford 1721/12/12William GlassFrances Clark Widower
Newton 1744/ 8/29Ambrose GlassElizabeth Catlin
Newton 1749/ 4/20William GlassEsther Nut
Newton 1768/ /Elizabeth GlassWilliam Partridge
Newton 1774/ /Mary GlassGeorge Patrick
Newton 1786/ /Mary GlassWilliam Smith
Newton 1790/ 4/13Anne GlassAbraham Watts
Newton 1801/ /Sarah GlassWilliam Matlock
Newton 1810/ /William GlassElizabeth Nicholson
Newton 1843/ /Sarah GlassObadiah Kilbourn daughter of William, blacksmith
Newton 1849/ /Eliza GlassCharles Miller Charles, licenced victualler of Ipswich, William Glass and Hannah Glass
Newton 1859/ /Hannah GlassBenjamin Andrews daughter of William, blacksmith
Newton 1887/ /Eliza Alice GlassSamuel Spooner d. of James, publican, Sam. clothier of Thetford
Newton 1890/ /Bertha GlassFrederick Dyer d. of James, Fred. farmer of Assington, age 23
Newton 1892/ /Charlotte A GlassArthur Greenacre d. of James, farmer and publican, Art. of Sudbury

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