1901 census
Bertie Theobald 1901/ 3/31 Faversham Census-age 6-at Faversham, Kent, born Faversham
Gertrude Marion Theobald 1901/ 3/31 Faversham Census-age 22-cartridge maker-at Faversham, Kent-born Faversham
1920 census (US)
Elsie Bending 1917/ /   Emigrated to Waukegan, Lake, Illinois
Emily Bending 1917/ /   Emigrated to Waukegan, Lake, Illinois
George Bending 1917/ /   Emigrated to Waukegan, Lake, Illinois
A record of the first settlers in the Colonies of North America, 1654-1685. R Sydney Glover, 1929
James Benning 1663-1679 N America - p155-p270
A short history of the Royal Navy 1217-1815, David Hannay, Methuen, 1909
Richard Bending 1758/11/28   ..on the 26 October (1758) Keppel sailed from Cork with four line-of-battle ships, one 50-gun ship, six smaller vessels, and a body of troops. On the way out the 50 gun ship, the Lichfield, was lost on the coast of Morocco. Pitt condescended to pay...a heavy ransom to save the crew from slavery. (see also Naval Chronology)
Aberdeen Journal
Thomas Bending 1927/ 7/ 5 Greenwich Age 63, charged with stealing 1 ton of iron from Southern Railways at Lewisham
Allegations of marriage licences in Hampshire in the Registry of the Bishop of Winchester
Joseph Bending 1788/ 4/28 Portsmouth - of New Windsor, m 1716 Ann Bangard of Portsmouth
Alumni Cantabrigienses from 1752 to 1900: Vol 1
Joseph Bending 1816/ 6/20 Cambridge - Bending, Joseph. Adm. pens. (age 18) at CHRIST'S, June 20 1816. S. of Joseph. B. at Windsor. School, London (Mr. Will. Fenning). Matric. Michs. 1816.
Thomas Firth Bending 1825/ 1/ 2   Baptised at Mattishall, Norfolk, son. of Susanna Richmond.
Thomas Firth Bending 1849/ 2/21 Cambridge - Bending, Thomas Firth. Adm. sizar at ST JOHN'S, Feb. 21, 1849.
Charlotte Augusta Hunt 1840/ 3/31   Born at Sudbury
Thomas Glass 1843/ 3/31   Born at St Pancras
Harriett Webber 1846/ 9/30 St Thomas Married William Howard at St Thomas, Otterton
Amelia Adelaide Mayo 1860/ 6/30   Born at Upton on Severn
James Glass 1861/ 6/30   Married to Charlotte Hunt at Sudbury
Thomas Bending 1865/ 9/30   Married Ellen Sewell at Northampton
Thomas Glass 1869/ 6/30   Marriage to Maria White at Richmond
Minnie Glass 1879/12/31   Born at West Ham
Caroline Glass 1880/12/31   Died at Pancras, age 70
Lily Fice 1885/12/31   Born at Plymouth
Thomas Glass 1895/ 3/31   Died at Romford, Essex, age 53
James Henry Bending 1898/ 2/18   On the 18th February 1898 walking along railway track between Spa Road Station and London Bridge Station. He stepped from one side to another as train was coming, stepped in front of train coming other way.An inquest was held on the 23rd February, 1898. Certificate states his head was crushed and dead on arrival at Guy's hospital.
Minnie Glass 1905/ 9/30   Married William Sillis at Hackney
John Glass 1914/ 9/30   Born at Barnet
Ernest Glass 1919/ 6/30   Married Sarah A Pratty at Aston
Lawrence A Glass 1920/ 6/30   Born at Kings Norton
Ronald M Glass 1923/ 6/30   Born at Kings Norton
Ronald M Glass 1931/ 9/30   Died at Birmingham, age 8
John Glass 1938/ 6/30   Married Margaret O M Howell at Barnet
Laurence A Glass 1946/ 3/31   Married Dorothy C Thomson at Sutton Coldfield
Camilla Glass 1948/ 9/30   Born at Birmingham
Prunella Glass 1951/11/22   Born at Birmingham
Ernest A Glass 1964/ 3/31   Died at Kings Norton, age 82
Prunella Glass 1979/ 6/30   Died at Derby
Army List
T. Bending 1915/ 6/   2nd Lt. Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery
C.O. Bending 1916/10/   Temp 2nd Lt Machine Gun Corps
T Bending 1917/ 7/   Lt. Royal Artillery
C.O. Bending 1917/ 7/   Lt. Machine Gun Corps
H.A. Bending 1917/ 7/   2nd Lt. Northumberland Fusiliers
T. Bending 1917/10/   Lt.
C.O. Bending 1917/10/   Temp Lt. 3rd Motor Corps- Machine Gun Corps
H.A. Bending 1917/10/   2nd Lt. 3rd Battalion Reserves Northumberland Fusiliers
C.O. Bending 1918/10/   Temp Lt . 3rd Motor Corps-Machine Gun Corps
H.A. Bending 1918/10/   2nd Lt. 3rd Battalion Reserves Northumberland Fusiliers
T. Bending 1918/10/   Acting Captain
A.H. Bending 1945/ 7/   2nd Lt. RE
B.C. Bending 1945/ 7/   2nd Lt RE
C.O. Bending 1945/ 7/   2nd Lt. Essex TA-responsibility for cadet corps
N.T. Bending 1945/ 7/   2nd Lt. Northamptonshire - T/Capt.
Edwin Bending 1889/10/29   Concert bill, Promenade concert at Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, Edwin Bending, composer
Edwin Bending 1899/10/ 3   Palace of Varieties, Life on the ocean, selection by Bending, included on programme with American Biograph., the precursor of motion pictures
Edwin Bending 1900/ 1/ 2   Palace of Varieties, Life on the ocean, programme included American Biograph. the precursor of motion pictures
Edwin Bending 1900/ 1/29   Palace of Varieties, Magic Flute Overture, programme included music by Bending and with American Biograph
Barbados Records - Marriages 1643-1800 Vol I Sanders
Eliza: Bendige 1681/ 5/17 Barbados - Married Robert Mathews, St Michael's Parish
Barbados Records, Marriages 1643-1800 Vol1 p49
Eliza. Bendidge 1681/ 5/17 Barbados - Married Robert Mathews
Bath Chronicle
Thomas Bending 1868/12/31 Bath Senior boy at Bath Blue Coats School
Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette
Thomas Bending 1895/10/24 Bath Attempted suicide by stabbing himself with pocket knife. Judged insane due to drink.
William James Bending 1942/ 5/23 Bath Death of jockey who had ridden in Europe but never in England
Biographical Index of South Australians, 1836-1885
William Bending 1857/ / Australia - Born c1817 Devon, arrived 1857 on Carnatic. m. Caroline, d. 1895/11/1. Children William, Eliz
William Bending 1857/ / Australia - Born 1840, Devon, arrived 1857 on Carnatic, carpenter, publican, d 1906/7/26
Caroline Bending 1874/ / Australia - Born 1852, arrived 1874 on Forfarshire, servant
Bonded Passengers to America. Peter Coldham, 1983
Gilbert Bending 1720/ 8/   Western Circuit, Devon, 1664-1775, transported for 14 years
Boston Evening Post
Gilbert Bending 1751/ 2/25 Charlestown The Schooner Jonah and Betty, Gilbert Bending Commander, lying at Charlestown, and bound for Newfoundland, ready to sail by the first of March
Bristol Mercury
Sarah Bending 1877/ 7/14 Bristol Charged with stealing saucepan
Thomas Bending Channon 1900/ 3/13 Thorne St Margar Committed suicide
British Army Casualty List WW2
J R Bending 1942 Cyrenaica A/bndsmn, Northumberland Fusiliers, Cyrenaica, POW previously reported as missing
J R Bending 1945   Bndsmn Northunmerland Fusiliers no longer in German hands
British Army Service Records
Harry Bending 1888/12/19 Honiton Attested into Devonshire Regiment
Harry Bending 1896/ 6/ 1   Discharged from Devonshire Regiment as Lance Corporal
Harry Bending 1899/10/ 7   Recalled to military service in South Africa
Harry Bending 1901/12/17   Discharged from miltary service
British Army WW1 Pension Records
George Henry Bending 1896/ 4/28   Born at Plymouth - Army Records
William Bending 1897/10/22   Enlisted Gloucester Regt at Bristol
William Bending 1899-1902   South Africa
Silas Bending 1902/11/17   Married Florence Thomas Clark, spinster, at Barton Hill, Bristol
Florence Mabel Bending 1905/12/29   Born at Bristol
Beatrice Ellen Bending 1909/ 4/ 3   Born at Bristol
Richard Bending 1914/ 6/22   Married Elizabeth Harvey (widow) at Caerphilly
Richard Bending 1914/ 8/17   Enlisted Welch Regiment at Cardiff, wife Elizabeth
Walter Bending 1914/ 9/ 1   Enlisted in Devonshire Regt at Taunton
Silas Bending 1914/ 9/10   Enlisted Middlesex Regt., general labourer, age 40 years 225 days
Richard Bending 1914/10/16   Discharged from Welch Regiment
James Bending 1914/11/ 7   Enlisted the Kings Liverpool Regiment, age 19ys 20days
Walter Bending 1915/ 4/ 2   Whilst on patrol dury in Kemmel was shot in side
Lilian Grace Bending 1915/ 7/ 2   Born at Bristol
Walter Bending 1915/ 9/ 7   Discharge from Devonshire Regt, miner, 127 Mill Road, Caerphilly
George Henry Bending 1915/10/16   Enlisted in London Regt. address 71 Leathwaite Road, Clapham Common
Richard Bending 1915/10/20   Enlisted Royal West Kents, occupation miner
Robert Ernest Bending 1916/ 2/ 8   Enlisted W. Kent Yeomanry, bank clerk, of 50 Cranhurst Road, NW2
James Bending 1916/ 3/11   Discharged for shellshock
George Henry Bending 1916/ 3/31   Discharged from Army. Tubercular disease
Silas Bending 1916/ 7/19   Discharge from Middlesex Reggt - debility
Richard Bending 1917/ 9/29   Discharged, not physically fit
James Bending 1919/ 4/ 5   Enlisted Northumberland Fusiliers
Robert Ernest Bending 1919/ 9/18   Discharged, strain of muscle of heart
William Bending 1919/11/24   Discharged
James Bending 1920/ 1/ 3   Married Susannah Wood at Choppington, Nthbld
William Bending 1920/ 1/17   Discharged, Somerset L I
James Bending 1920/ 5/ 7   Discharged from Northumberland Fusiliers, address 2 Cross Road, Guide Post, Choppington
James Bending 1920/ 5/ 8   Granted pension for shell-shock, 40% disability, 16/- pw
William Bending 1920/10/21   Re-enlisted Somerset L I

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