Wills - before 1858

w251	In the name of God Amen the nyne and Twentieth Day of Jannuarie In the yeare of  
	our Lord God One Thousand six hundred fiftie and five  I  Martine Bendinge 
	of East Budleigh in the Countie of Devon  yeoman being and sick	and weake of Bodie 
	but of sounde and  perfect memorie (Thanks be to God doo make and ordaine this my 
	last Will and Testament in manner and form following. 
		First I doo give and bequeath my Soule to Almightie God my Creator and 
	Redeemer and my bodie to Christian Buriall. Then I doo give and bequeath unto the 
	poor of the Parish of Eastbudleigh aforesaid six shillings to be distributed amongst 
	them by my Executrix within three months after my decease 

		Item I doo give and beqeath unto my Sonne John Bendinge after the 
	decease of myselfe and Marie my now wife all my right and title Estate and 
	Interest of in and to the Messuage and Tenement with the appurtenances wherein I now 
	Dwell during all the Time and  Tearme which shall be then to come and unexpired by
	force and torture of a Deed of a Lease lately graunted to me by William Courtney 

		Item more I doo give and bequeath unto my Sonne John Bending one close 
	or parcell of ground containing one Acre or thereabouts ( after my purchase which I 
	lately bought of Elizabeth Elliott (that is to say) I doo give with my Estate 
	title to tearme of yeares and right of the said close after my decease to my Sonne 
	John Bending during all my tearme therein  then to come
		 Item I give and bequeath unto Marie Bending my wife all my messuage and 
	Tenement att Lower Budleigh in the Parish aforesaid so herein ohn Rogers now 
	dwelling  so long as she shall remaine a Widdowe and my Sonne John doo live with 
	her of my Estate therein soo long continue but if my saidWife shall happen to 
	remarrie or also if my Sonne John shall dwell from my Wife and not remain with her 
	then my will and meaning is that my Sonne John shall have and enjoy the said 
	Tenement during the naturale life of my Wife if my Estate therein doo long continue
		Item more I doo give unto my Sonne John (after the decease of my Wife)  
	my forware panne and second best brass worke and the standing bedstead wherein I  
	doo now lie and three greate chests and a presse standing in the chamber wherein 
	I lie and the presse standing in the hall and a tableboard and five joynt stooles and
	three great chairs standing in the hall and also my best cloake

		 Item I doo give and bequeath unto my daughter Amilla Bending thirtie pounds 
	to be paid unto her within one yeare after my decease and also my greate brass pann 

		 Item I doo give and bequeath unto my daughter Hannah Bending twentie pounds 
	to be paid unto her within one yeare after me decease and also my greate brass caldron
		 Item I do give and bequeath unto unto my daughter Isott Bending twentie 
	pounds to be paid unto her within one yeare after my decease and also my best 
	brasse work my will and meaning is that all my household goods formerly given shall 
	remain with my Wife during her naturall life 
		Item more  I doo give unto my two daughters Hannah and Isott (after the 
	decease of my wife) my will and meaning is that if anie of my children or child 
	die (be fore the legallie  be due) that shall remaind equally amongst the rest of 
	my children all my right title and Estate which I have in my foresaid Tenement att
	Lower Budleigh jointlie betweene them during my whole tearme therein
		Item I doo give and unto my two daughters Mary Fox and Sarah Randall to 
	each of them three pounds to be paid unto each of them within one yeare after 
	my decease 	

		 Item I doo give and bequeath unto each of my grandchildren to each of them 
	and one Ewe Sheepe 

	All the rest of my goods and Chattells not for in given nor bequeathed my debts and 
	finaciale Charges being paid I doo give and bequeath unto 1617 Mary Bendinge my now 
	Wife and doo make her my full and whole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament 
	and to see this my last Will and Testament trulie performed
		I doo desire and appoynte my louving friend and brother in law Roger 
	ffowler Gentleman and John Channon the Younger to be my Overseers and give them 
	for theire paines twelve pence apeece 

		In Witness whereof I have  hereunto sett my hand and Seale the day and yeare 
	first above written Martyne Bending  
	Sealed and subscribed in  presence of us Roger ffowler Richard  Dourtio'

	This Will was probate att London the two and Twentieth day of May In the Yeare of 
	our Lord One Thousand and six hundred fiftie six before the Judge for probate of 
	Wills and granting Administration Lawfullie authorised by the oath of Mary Bending 
	the Relict and sole and only Executrix named in the above written Will to whome
	Administration of all and Singular the Goods Chattells and debts of the said  
	Committed who being first  Legallie by virtue of a Commission truly and faythfully 
	to administer the Same 

	Original - 600k
w252	In the name of God Amen I Gilbert Bending of St Mary's County being sick and weak in 
	body but of perfect sense and memory I praise God for the same do make and ordain this my 
	last Will and Testament in manner and form following:-
	Imprimes I bequeath my Soul to God and my body to the Earth to be decently interred at the 
	discretion of my Executrix hereafter named, I give unto my Son John Bending and unto 
	my Daughter Elizabeth  Bending five shillings current money each I give unto my beloved
	Wife Jane Bending and to her heirs forever all the Residue of my Estate after paying all my
	just Debts and funeral Expenses and I do nominate constitute and appoint my said Wife Jane 
	Bending Executrix of this my last Will and Testament hereby Revoking all others by me 
	formerly made In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the 4th day of 
	September Anno Domini 1749     Gilbert Bending (his mark)  Sealed Signed and Sealed in 
	the presence of us

	T Barnhouse
	Anthony Smith (his mark)

	On the back of the aforegoing Will was thus written Viz

		St Mary's County November ye 11th 1749 Hon. Timothy Barnhouse one of the 
	Subscribing Witnesses to the foregoing Will being duly and solemnly Sworn on the Holy 
	Evangelist of Almighty God depose and say that he saw the Testator Gilbert Bending Sign
 	the foregoing Will and heard him Publish & declare the same to be his last Will & Testament
	that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of his apprehension of sound & 
	disparing mind & memory & that he saw Anthony Smith Sign at the same time 
 	a Witness to the s'd Will in the presence of 	the said Testator, Sworn to before me
	The day above s'd the deceased Widow made)                       Tho. Asquith Depty Comisly
	her Election to take her thirds                              )      of St Mary's County
	Certified by me Tho' Asquith Depty Comisly
	                   of  St Mary's County

	Original - 267k
w253	 I Richard Bending of Frindsbury in the County of Kent now cook of his Majesty's Ship 
	Litchfield being in bodily health and of sound and disposing Mind and Memory and 
	considering the Perils and Dangers of the Seas and other Uncertainties of is transitory 
	Life do for avoiding controversies after my decease make publish and declare this my last 

	Will and Testament in manner following that is to say first I recommend my Soul to God that
	gave it and my Body I commit to the Earth or Sea as it all please God to order and as for 
	and concerning all my worldly Estate I give bequeath and dispose thereof as follows that 
	is to say after my just Debts Funeral Expenses and Charges of proving this my will and 

	other incident charges are first paid and satisfied then all such Pay Wages Sum and Sums 
	of Money and Tenements Goods Chattels and Estate whatsoever as shall be any ways due owing 
	or belonging unto me at the time of my decease I do give devise and bequeath the same unto 
	my  loving wife Elizabeth Bending her Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns for ever 
	and I do hereby nominate and appoint Francis Smith of the parish of Saint Margaret next 

	the City of Rochester in the said county of Kent Shipwright sole Executor of this 
	my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former and other Wills and Testaments and 
	Deeds of Gift by me at any time heretofore made and I do ordain and ratify these Presents 
	to stand and be for and as my only last Will and Testament in witness whereof to th my 
	said Will I have set my hand and seal the twenty fourth day of December in the 
	Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty four and in the 27th year of the 
	reign of his majesty King George the Second over Great Britain. 
	The mark of Richard Bending Signed Sealed 	
	Published and Declared in the presence of........Caroline Pinch and Thomas Johnson

	Original - 330k
w254	I Joseph Bending of  New  Windsor in the County of Berks Butcher being of sound mind memory
	and understanding  but considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the times
 	do make publish and declare this to be my last  Will and Testament....Messuages or 
	Tenements in the Market place of New Windsor aforesaid in the Occupation of James 
	Panton Shoemaker also of a moiety or half  part of a Messuage or Tenement Barn and Stable
	standing  and being at the lower end of Posset? Street in the parish of Clewer in the said 
	County of Berks in the occupation of ... Willoughby and also divers Messuages or Tenements 
	with a Slaughter house Stables Wash houses and Buildings with Yard and appurtenances in 
	Posset? street aforesaid in the said Parish of New Windsor which I lately purchased of 
	William Bristow Esquire and of a Messuage or Tenement with an Orchard Situate standing
	laying and being in the Parish of Old Windsor...in the ... or Occupation of  Widow? Sowston
 	and of a Messuages or Tenement farm Lands hereditaments and premises with the Appurtenances 
	Situate and being at Oakeley Green in the parish of Bray in the said County of Berks now 
	in the..occupation of William Robinson  I so hereby Give and demise all my said several 
	freehold Messuage or Tenements unto Lands hereditaments and premises...and appurtenances
	unto my son Joseph Bending and my daughter Elizabeth Bending  to have 	and to hold.......
	as Tenants in Common and not as Joint Tenants ......I am possessed of Leashold Messuages or 
	Tenements situate standing or being on the East side of the Long Walk  in New Windsor 
	aforesaid in the ... or occupation of John Brown with the Barns 
	Stables and Buildings and a Close of Meadows and pastures  ...held from the Crown
	a of an Orchard Situate and being opposite the said Messuage and Tenement held by Lease 
	from the Mayor and Corporation of New Windsor aforesaid I do hereby give and bequeath the 
	said Messuage or Tenement ...Meadow or pasture and Orchard and also all my.money securities 
	for money Leaseholds Goods plate Linen and furniture I also....due and owing to me..
	after payment of my just debts and funeral expenses unto my said son Joseph Bending and my
	said Daughter Elizabeth Bending to be equally divided...share and share alike..that my 	
	said son shall and may use and occupy the Messuage or Tenement in the Market Place in New 
	Windsor aforesaid in the occupation of the said James Panton the Messuages or Tenements 
	Slaughter house and Stables in Posse Street and the Close of meadows or pasture Land and 
	Orchard adjoining to the long Walk he paying to my said daughter Elizabeth Bending One 

	Moiety of the rent for the same I do hereby make institute and appoint my said Daughter 
	Elizabeth Bending a my friend Richard Pinnock? of  New Windsor aforesaid Landowner and my 
	sister in Law Martha Lamb? Executrix and Executor of this my last Will and Testament and 
	also nominate and appoint the said Richard Pinnock? and Martha Lamb? Trustees and
	advowsons of this my will and I give unto each of them.....Ring and revoke all wills by me......
	this thirty first day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand and seven hundred and 
	sixty six 

	Jos Bending signed sealed published and declared
	Wm. Bunyon, Wm. Tignall, Tmas Daniell

			3rd November 1766
	Appeared Personally Joseph Bending and Elizabeth Bending Spinster the Natural and 
	lawfull and only children of Joseph Bending late of New Windsor in the County of Berks 
	Widower and deceased and being ...Sworn on the holy Evangelists to depose the.....as 
	follows that they and .....soon after the death of him the said deceased...late father 
	which happened  on or about the twenty third of September last they found the last Will and

	Testament of him the said deceased bearing date the thirty first day of May last past and 
	hereunto annexed...same plight and Condition with the Erasure between the Ninth and 
	Eleventh lines in the second sheet thereof my Sister in Law Martha Lamb? and also between 
	the Eleventh and thirteenth lines Martha Lamb? as now appears and the said Will in all 
	other respects was and is in the same plight and Condition when they so found the same as
	the same now appears all where they Jointly and Severally depose to be true Jos Bending, 
 	Eliz Bending   	The said Joseph Bending and Elizabeth Bending Spinster..Swore to the Truth 
	of the above before me
 	Sam? Compton Surrogate ... Robt. Bogg 

w255	Thomas Bending, late of Broadclist, Devon. Victualler  deceased, Executrix 1065 Ann Bending.  
	Proved 16/2/1844 in  Archdeacon's Court of Exeter.  Effects sworn under 200.  Appeared 
	personally Ann Bending 	20/1/1844 This is the last will and testament of me Thomas Bending 
	of the parish of Broadclist....I give and bequeath to Thomas Channon of Broadclist, yeoman, 
	and John Perkins of the same, yeoman, the sum of 99 (ninety-nine pounds) sterling upon
	trust to pay the same to my niece, Charlotte, the daughter of William Trickey of Broadclist 
	aforesaid when and (as) soon as she shall attain the age of twenty-one years.....and I give
	 and bequeath to Susan Crick of Harpford all my wearing apparel of what nature or kind 
	together with the sum of five pounds One month after my decease I give and bequeath to 
	Thomas Bending Channon, son of the said Thomas Channon my clock and case to be delivered to
	him immediately after the decease or second marriage of my wife Ann Bending. And as  
	to all my piece of garden which I lately purchased of Mr Samuel Harris situate at Broadclist
	 and all the residuend remainder of my real and personal Estate and Effects......I give and 
 	bequeath the same to my dear wife  Ann Bending 29 January 1841


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