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Bendenges is probably a corrupted form of an English local word; it has no analogy with any Norman name. The closest English name is Bendish, which may be a corruption of, but is not the original of Bendenges. The family appears in Hants. as early as Henry II.

WILLIAM DE BENDENGES according to the Pipe Roll of Hants. was a tenant of Lis, and in 25 Henry II (1179) was one of the Justiciars of the King and Sheriff of Dorset and Somerset. In 4 Richard I (1193) Gunnora, widow of William de Bendenges, and Adam, his son and heir, occur in a Pipe Roll.

STEPHEN DE BENNING appears as a witness to a Hampshire deed in the time of Henry II

STEPHEN DE BENDENGES appears in the Liber Niger as a tenant of the Abbot of Chertsey. In the Pipe Roll for Wilts. in 22 Henry II (1176) he is mentioned as accounting for 40 marcs with the note "regreditur est in Suth". The same man, or another of the same name, appears in the Testa de Nevill as holding 1/10th of a knight's fee in Warneburn,of Petronilla de Vaux

SIR ADAM DE BENDENGES according to the Testa de Nevill, held 1 knight's fee in Lis, the manor of Morhall, and a hide of land in Elvetham. He married Alice, daughter

  and co-heir of Sir Stephen de Thurnham of Kent, and got a large inheritance. In Archeologia Cantiana Vol V, a charter of Adam de Bending, October 1225, with dependant seal, bearing on a shield three bars, and the legend "Sigillum Ade de Betneggis". Sir Adam died in 1229 leaving a widow, and son and heir Walter, who had livery of his father's lands.

THOMAS DE BENDING occurs in the Abbrevatio Placitorum, 25 Henry III (1241) as son and heir of Peter de Bending, who held lands of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

PETER DE BENDING occurs in 13 Edward I (1285) in Hants. Archeologia Cantiana VI - documents of Henry III showing transactions between Peter and the Jews which finally impoverished him, and induced him to alienate the manors of Westwell and Little Chart To one of these deeds is attached armorial seal and legend "Sigill. Petri de Bendingies ". It is attested by Thomas de Bending, who may be the one referred to above. Peter died in 1242, leaving a widow, Burga de Bending, who is the Burga de Bending who in the Testa de Nevill is said to hold a 1/4 knight's fee in Flexney, county Warwick or Leicester. The same record mentions a Sara de Bendinge as holding a knight's fee in Haremede in Bucks. and Beds. of William de Wyndesore.

MAURICE DE BENDING occurs in Hants. in 1207

                  |                                           |   
  William de Bendenges=Gunnora                     Stephen de Benning of Hants  (1188)
    d.  1193          |                                                  |
                      |                                                  | 
      Sir Adam de Bendenges=Alice, daughter of Sir   Stephen de Bendenges of  Wilts (1176) 
                  d. 1229  |  Stephen de Thurnham      
                           |                                        |
                    Walter de Bending                      Peter de Bendenges
                         d 1232                    held lands of Archbishop of Canterbury
                                          |                         | 
                                  Peter de Bending=Burga        Thomas de Bending
                                        d 1242                  1241, son and heir
                                                   Peter de Bending of Hants. (1285)

W. S. Ellis

The Herald and Genealogist Vol V 1870

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