Medieval Bendings - The Other Family

ETON Buckinghamshire

Walter fitz Other, Domesday lord of lands in the counties of Berks., Bucks., Hants., Middlesex, and Surrey (1), was followed post 1100 and ante 1116 by his son William I (2). He seems to have been living until circa 1160 when he was followed by his son William II who took the name de Windsor (3). William II d. circa 1176 leaving William III who attained his majority circa 1188 (4) .

It is very probable that when William II died the wardship of his heir passed to his brother Walter I, who seems to have died ante 1184 leaving a son Walter II who possibly came of age in 1190 (5). The two cousins, William III and Walter II, both answered for scutage on 18 1/6 knights' fees in 1190. By 1191 a dispute had broken out, for Walter proffered 100 m. to have seizin of the lands which William was accused of having seized. It was not until 1198 that the fief was finally divided (6).

WILLIAM III, who obtained half the estate, possibly d. 1215-16 leaving William IV d. 1248 (7) .William V, s. and h., who d. 1273 was followed by Richard who came of age in 1279 and d. 1326 leaving Richard (8)


WALTER II, who obtained half the estate, d.s.p. 1203. His heirs were his sisters Christiana and Gunnora (9).

Christiana I, heiress of one-quarter of the estate, m., ante Mich.1206, Duncan de Lascelles d. 1211 (10). Thomas, s. and h., who was possibly born after the death of his father (11), d. 1260 probably leaving no heir (12). Nothing more is known of this section of the estate.

Gunnora, heiress of one-quarter of the estate, m. Hugh (?) de Hosdeng. She d. circa 1205-6 leaving Ralph I who d. 1222 (13). Hugh, son of Ralph I, d. 1242 leaving Ralph II d. 1247. His heir was his daughter Joan (14). Joan d.s.p. post 1259 when her heir was her aunt Alice, sister of Ralph II d. 1247.

Alice, m., as his second wife, William de Huntercomb d. 1271. Her lands passed to her son Thomas, who took the name de Hosdeng as well as de Huntercomb. He d. 1327 leaving John (15).

Probable Baronies pp. 116-117

(1) V.C.H. Berks. i p. 354; idem, Bucks. i pp. 265-6; idem, Hants, i p. 497; idem. Surrey, i pp. 322-3; Domesay, i. p130. Walter and his heirs were keepers of the forest of Windsor and constables of Windsor castle. There is no evidence to, identify the caput of the barony but it is possible that it was at Eton which Walter held. Furthermore, as Walter was castellan of Windsor he would naturally have his private dwelling near
(2) Walter was living temp. Faratius, abbot of Abingdon 1100-1116. A royal writ was sent to William fitz Walter not later than 1116 (Chron. Mon. de Abingdon, ii, pp 94, 132)
(3) Walter fitz Walter was certainly living in 1130, 1142, and 1157 (Pipe Roll, 31 Hen. I, p. 127; idem, 3 Hen. II, p. 71; Geoffrey de Mandeville, p. 169). in 1161 William de Windsor answered for scutage on 20 knights' fees and in 1162 a payment which had been associated with William fitz Walter was linked with William de Windsor (Pipe Roll, 7 Hen II, p. 52; idem, 8 Hen II, p. 29). In 1166 William answered for 16 1/2 knights' fees de veteri, for 1 2/3 on domain and for 1 5/6 de novo. In 1168 and 1172 he was charged for 1 5/6 de novo (Red Book, p. 315; Pipe Roll, 14 Hen II, p11; idem 18 Hen II, p.51).
(4) In 1185 William III, who was 18 years old, had been in ward for 9 years. (Rot. de Dom., p. 35).
(5) In 1190 Walter made fine for his mother's lands. These had been in the hands of the sheriff since 1184 (Pipe Roll, 30 Hen II, p. 133; idem, 1 Rich. I, p. 21).
(6) Idem, 2 Rich. I, p. 143; idem, 3 Rich I, p. 109; Feet of Fines, 9 Rich. I, P.R. Soc. xxiii, no. 151. Many authorities claim that William III and Walter II were brothers, but the agreement made in 1198, which gives topographical details of the division, alludes to the baronia Willelmi de Windesor avi eorum. William was not the pater of the two claimants.
(7) Ex. F.R. ii, p. 28. The only evidence of the death of William III is the statement that the son and heir of William de Windsor was a hostage in 1216 (Rot. de Obl. et Fin., p. 571).

  (8) C.P.R. 1272-81, p. 30; C.I.P.M. ii, no. 315; idem, vi, no. 673. Scutage was charged on 9 1/8 knights' fees (Pipe Roll, E. 372/90, Bucks and Beds.; idem, E. 372/123, Bucks and Beds.).
(9) Pipe Roll, 5 John, pp. 97, 132; C.R.R. iii, p. 298; idem, iv, p. 226.
(10) Idem; Pipe Roll, 13 John, p. 145. In 1206 Duncan and Christiana and Ralph de Hosdeng were charged 240 m. for Walter's lands (Rot. de Obl. et Fin., p. 346). It has been claimed that Ralph was husband of Gunnora, but the absence of her name indicates that she was dead and that Ralph was probably her son. Some scholars believe that Christiana and Gunnora were daughters of Walter, but the Missenden Cartulary contains a charter in which Ralph speaks of Walter as His uncle (Missenden Cartulary, pt. ii, Bucks. Record Soc., no. 413). This statement confirms the suggestion that Ralph Was son of Gunnora who was sister of Walter.
(11) In 1211 only Christiana is named as heir of Duncan. Thomas was a minor in Jan. 1231 (Pipe Roll., 13 John, p. 143; Ex. F.R. i, p. 209).
(12) C.R.. 1259-61, p. 35. He had transferred some of his lands to William Blundel, the chancellor, and others went to Richard of Cornwall (C. Ch. R. i, p. 445; Rot. Hund. i, p. 33: Quo Warr., p. 83. The name of Thomas de Lascelles appears in the pipe roll for 1279 but it was crossed out and nothing is substituted.
(13) C.R.R. iii, p. 298; Rot. de Obl. et Fin., p. 346; Ex F.R. i, p. 97
(14) Idem, pp. 386, 418; idem, ii, pp. 15, 301; C.I.P.M. i, no. 87. Joan was ward both of Thomas de Lascelles and of William de Huntercomb.
(15) Ex. F.R. ii, p. 301; C.I.P.M. i no. 755; F.A. i, p. 115; C.F.R. iv, pp27, 28, 34; G.E.C. vi, p. 637 n. says that Alice was the widow of Ralph de Hosdeng. This must be wrong as she could not, by that right, have been heir of Joan. See Wooler for William de Huntercomb

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