Medieval Bendings - Sundry Sources

Annals of Dunstable Priory
Alicia de Bendenges, wife of William de Weston (d.) in Oxforshire

Alicia daughter of Robert Bending has land in Pullokeshulle

Archaeologia Cantiana
Alice Gatton married Adam de Bending before 4/6/1216. Adam died in 1229 in which year his son had livery of his father's lands. Alice seem to have lived until circa 1250. Alice on maternal side to Henfrid or Herefrid a direct descendant of Herefrid who held throle in Domesday

Peter de Bending acknowledges the manor of Westwell to the Prior and Cannons of Christchurch, Canterbury, for their table, for which they give him 171.17s. with a grant of the manor of Little Chart at a fee farm rent of 10 marks. Date between 1206 and 1229. The grant is dated in the priory register 8 Henry III. Witnessed among others Thoma de Bending. The seal coat of arms with three bars Sigill Peter de Bendengies.

Foot of Fine in which the Prior of Christchurch, Canterbury, releases Peter de Bending from his arrears of rent for Little Chart and the said Peter quit claims to the said Prior all rights in the manor of Westwell.

1234/ 7/19
Peter de Bending borrows 44s. of Mossekin Crespin, son of Jacob, at a weekly interest of 2d per and charges his lands and chattels as securitty

Peter de Bending grants the manor of Little Chart to the Prior and Convent of Christchurch, Canterbury, for 200 marks to release him from his debts to the Jews

Burga, widow of Peter de Bending her suit with the Priory of Christchurch, Canterbury - Foot of Fine in which Burga widow of Peter de Bending released to the Prior and convent of Christchurch, all claims for dower in the manor of Westwell for which they grant her two corrodies for life viz. the corrody of a monk and another the corrody of a servant. 26 Henry III 1242. It should be specially noted in connection with this last Fine that the widow of Peter de Bending claims only one third of the manor as her dower. She had previously sued the Priory for one half the manor has her free bench or dower in gavelkind but lost her cause. 25 Henry III

1279/ 6/28
Thomas de Bendinges did homage to Archbishop Peckham for the 20th part of a knight's fee at Neweland in Cherring. The manor of Newelands in the parish of Charing beloged to the Bending family who held the manor of Westwell. Letters of Archbishop Peckham iii 997.

Book of Fees
1217/ 3/22
Adam de Bendenge holds Lis per feodum j. militis at Southampton

At Southampton Stephen de Bendinges has a holding in the manor of Warneburn, Kent

Reginald of Cobham has a holding in Thorneham of Alicia de Bendinges. Alicia de Bendinges has a holding at Saldewell(?) of the 'comite Glovernii' - Hundredum of Pokhidlowe(?) Oxford

Sarra de Bending' has a holding in Haremede from William de Windsor. Beds & Bucks.

Book of Prests of the Kings Wardrobe
Eidem de prestito super eodem per manus Jamni de benynges de Faversham pro bladis captis de eodem apud. Faversham per Henricum captorem panis apud Odymere primo die Novembris

Calendar Of New Forest Documents 1244-1334
John Longus of Holebur', Robert Edelyne of the same place, and Richard de Colebur are suspected of larceny. They were not attached because they were not found, therefore let them be exacted and outlawed. Simon de Bending' harboured John and is amerced (1/2 mark) because he did not have him as he should. Also he was harboured in the vill of Holebur' outside the tithing, therefore adjudged (4s). Afterwards he attends and the jurors say that he is not guilty and he is acquitted.

Stephen le Clerk, the attorney for Alice who was the wife of Henry Bastard, appeared on the 4th day against Simon de Bending' on a plea that he surrenders nineteen acres of land in Holebur'..., which Alice claims to be her rightful inheritance and to which Simon and Adam have no entry except by Henry, her former husband, who demised these during his life. On the 16th April (1257) Simon de Bendeng attends and says that he holds eighteen and a half acres by the charter of Henry the former husband of Alice, and this is testified. Alice withdraws from her writ and it is adjudged that Simon is without day.

Calendarium Genealogicum
Johannes de Bendeng alias Bennenges. De tenura. Tenuit de Thoma de Bendeng alias Bennenges. (John has died? He held land of John)

Johannes de Bendig' is the husband of a daughter of Edelina sister of Sisilla de Brok' of Chettynton (Surrey or Sussex) (and one of her heirs)

Cartulary of Canonsleigh
Inspeximus and verbatim confirmation in free alms by Philip de Wellesforde of the charter of Henry Page of Herpesforde to the canons. Warranty witnesses - Sir Simon de Gryndham, knight, John de Herpesforde, Hugh de Bendon, George de Halheye and Gervase de Berdesleghe

Catalogue of Ancient Deeds A10246
Letter of attorney by Maud daughter and heir of Nicholas de Haversham to William de Bendynges to deliver sesin to William de Olney of the manor of Comptone and the advowson of the church of Bereford land and meadows in the parish of Bereford, 44s rent in Wynterburnstok, 17s 8d in Putton, and 26s rent in Bereford; also deliver to the said William all her goods on the said manor which she sold him for 30 paid her before hand on the day of date at Haversham at her manor there. (Winterbourne Stoke is in Wiltshire)

Catalogue of Ancient Deeds A3164
Release to Gilbert Basset by Gunnora de Bendinges of all her right by way of dower in the 3rd part of Kyrlington mill. For this release Gilbert has given her 10s. before Sir William de Ebor', William de Insula, the Abbot of Abingdon, and Robert de Amaric', the king's justices in Eyre at Oxford. Witnesses - Robert de Turn', Philip Basset and others. There are also references to Gunnora de Benninges in Berks. in 1241-3

Catalogue of Ancient Deeds Vol 18 9778 Surrey
1440/ 7/10
Counterpart of demise by Merca, late wife of Nicholas Careu esquire for the term of her life to Roger Fenes knt, Nicholas Careu, esq, William..., Edward.... Thomas Benden and Adam y Wode of all her estate in the manors of Forsters, otherwise called Bandon -Nutfield with the ....etc

Charter Rolls
Alice de Bending daughter of Stephen de Thurnham in widowhood, gave to Geoffrey de Braiboeuf her intended share of land in Ertenden

William de Bendeng witness to decree of Henry III regarding abbey of Osolvestona

Thomas de Bending witness to charter of Otfield in the manor of Cerringes

Sir Stephen de Bending, witness to charter of Wynteney, hamlet of Sudrop.

The gift of Adam de Bendeng to the said nuns of the free flow of water from the north head of the meadow of Poghel to the mill in the court of the said nuns

The gift of Stephen de Beinnges of a croft called Kynkescroft(?) and a moor by the said croft.

The gift of Stephen de Bendeng of half a hide of the land of Monteffoch(?) with meadow and moor, to the nuns at Wynteney. (Bath and Wells).

Witnesses to charter of Wynteney: Stephen de Bendeng, Geoffrey his son, William Bendeng, Stephen de Benins', Maurice his son.

The gift of Maurice de Bendyng of the water coming from his mill at Manewude through the demesne meadows of the said Maurice and his men to the house of the nuns...

Close Rolls
William de Bending witnesses charters regarding, church of St Lazarus without the walls of Jerusalem, hospital of St. Giles without London,prior and canons of Kirkham, convent of Suthwerk, church of St. Mary of Marrig

Bertram de Crioil and Alan Poinant, guards of the Archbishop of Canterbury are instructed concerning a holding (damum?) which Thomas de Bendinges has at Aldinton, a gift from the king.

Alicia de Bendeng' involved in a dispute regarding a 'mesuagio' in Cateshull

Alicia de Bendeng' of Thurnham in Kent

The constable of Windlesore is instructed concerning two 'damos' of Thomas de Bendeng in the forest of Windlesore (de dond domini regis)

Alicia de Bendeng involved in a dispute regarding land at Thurneham, Kent

Alice de Bendenges, wife of Adam, Walter son of Adam, Agnes wife of Walter. At Odiham.

John de Bendenges and Andrew de Wicumbe were arrested for incendiary and disturbing the peace. Their 'catella' which were forfeited to the king are to be returned to them until the case is tried. Instructions about this are sent to the constable of Windes'.

Rex perdonavit Johanni de Benninges x marcas quas regi debuit pro equis regio quod amisit in servicio reis in partibus Wallie et mandatum est baronibus de Saccario quod ipse inde quietum esse faciant

Juliana de Bendeng at Pangeburn, involved in dispute over holding.

John atte Chaumboe of Wynchesfield came before the king and sought to replevy(?) his land in Wynchesfield taken into the king's hands for his default before the justices of the bench against Juliana, late wife of Peter Benynges

Crown Pleas of the Devon Eyre - 1238 - Axmouth Hundred
Peter de Bolonge, a servant of the prior's, was killed by a man from Axmouth called Robert de Bendone, who hid him in the sand. This happened one Saturday, in the prior's wood, and as he did not return home he was looked for through the whole hundred till the following Thursday, when he was found on the sea shore by an Axmouth woman named Joan, with the whole hundred nearby. He was viewed by the coroner. Meanwhile Robert fled with all the goods he had except for a little grain worth 2s. The fugitive was appealed by the dead man's brother Robert and outlawed in the County Court. Philip de Bendone, the fugitive's lord, should answer for the value of the corn as he was then the bailiff of the hundred

Curia Regis Rolls
Adam de Bendeng' (also written Beneseges) holding lands in Kent and spending time overseas in the service of the king and Robert de Turnham. Also of Southampton. 1219 Adam involved in a case in Kent/Surreu against the Archbishop of Canterbury regarding holdings in Audinton' and in Cerring'. Adam's wife is Alice. A dispute over a manor of Cateshull' in Surrey once belonging to Stephen de Thurnham against Edelina de Broc. The dispute continues for several years. In1223 Alice, wife of Adam, represented by Thomas de Bendeng'. There is also a dispute with

  others claiming against Edelina de Broc regarding manor of Cattesl'. It seems Stephen de Turnham was in debt and therefore Adam and Alice as his heirs inherited his debts. The problem of debts was solved in 1226. Disputes in Southampton continuing to 1229. By 1230 Alice is acting on her own in the Southampton affair. (because Adam is dead). Adam de Bendenges is a knight and sits in court in Middlesex.

Rogerus de Bendenges is mentioned as a witness (at Glouc)

Alice wife of Adam involved in dispute regarding land of Stephen of Turn' in Hertindon, Surrey

Peter de Bendeng involved in a case in Kent concerning land belonging to Thomas of Kingsnod, custody of which Peter held for the heir.

Case between Peter de Bendeges and Stephen de Bendeges, with Stephen owing Peter money - a fee of land in Winchfield. Settled in 1230.

Gunnora de Bendenges of Berksir' was the wife of John, son of Hugo. There is a dispute over land in Tedmerse. Her opponents question the validity of her marriage which she proves with letters from the Bishop of Wintoniensis

Thomas de Bendeng represents Alice de Beneng'. Also references in 1224 and 1226 to Thomas de Bendenges in Kent

William de Bendeng sitting on the courts in Middlesex. Also to William de Bendenges, a knight in Kent

Alice, wife of Adam is involved in problem over the lands of Walter de Bendenges whose heir is put under custody of Walter de Faukenberg. Heir is William; lands are in Shneregate, Kent. Alice claims them as hers.

Alicia de Bendenge in Oxfordshire, is accused of knocking down trees etc. on land belonging to Robert Purcel in Shaudewell

Edward Hasted vol II
Manor of Westwell claimed by Peter de Bending in 8 Henry III and their manor of Little Chart. Original deed in Surrenden library. A seal annexed being a coat of three bars, the legend Sigil Petri de Bendingies. By ancient manuscript it appears that 29 acres of land were given to Little Chart Church to the Blessed Virgin in Edward II reign (1307-1327) by Peter de Bending. He was buried in the middle Paffe of the Isle

Episcopal Registers, Diocese of Exeter
Robert Bendyn 1307-1326 - Exeter knight, presents to Pillaton

Robert (Sir) Bendyn - Exeter

Feet of Fines
Robert Bendyn, with his wife claimant to the manor of Compton Giffard

Feudal Aids I, Bucks
Willelmus de Bendeges has a holding in Hardmede from Richard of Windesere who holds it from the king (Hundredum of Moles(o)(?)

Inquiry held 30th year of Edward I at Newport Paynel before Walter de Molesworthi, viscount Boleingham et Roger de Tiringham per (?) Willelmus de Bendinge. (Holds 3/8 of a knight's fee at Windesore. In 1346 this land is in hands of Michael Mynot).

Hundred of Kalehill
William de Stupesdon, servant of the Earl of Gloucester seized into his lord's hands the manor of Thomas de Bendinges at is worth 10 marks a year

Hundred of Rowinden
No one was a rebel nor were any lands seized except that William de Poton was at the seige of Rochester castle of his own will and the undernamed by order of Sir Thomas de Bendinges........(Note Rochester castle was attacked unsuccessfully by de Montfort, Earl of Leicester in 1264).

Inquisition of Newinton
Stephen de Thurnham grants to the Abbey of Cumbwell his land of Hertesdon. Witness Adamo de Bendinges his son in law circa 1210. Adam de Bending grants to the priory of Cumbwell the tithes of the marsh at Capenesse enclosed by the monks of Robertsbridge 1225

Inquisitions post mortem, Wilts
William Bendyng as witness to estates of John de Olney in Wilts.

Knights of Edward I
Peter de Bendinges of Benchesham Manor, Croydon. Sealed c 1230. A fesse cottised (Birch)

John de Bending, dec. held lands of Thos de Bending (Inq 1250/ 7/13). Sir Stephen de Bending witnesses charter re Wintney, Hants. per inspex 1281/11/12. (Cart R)

Liberate Rolls
Compute to the keeper of the castles of Windesore and Odiham.......and that 10 marks be paid for the wages of Adam de Bendeng for the custody of that castle (Odiham) for the whole of the 10th year.

Liberate to Thomas de Bending' 20 marks to acquit his expenses in the Roman court for the expedition of the king's affairs.

Liberate to Thomas de Bending' going on the king's message to parts beyond the sea, 30 marks for his expenses.

The king is sending John de Bending, his sergeant at arms, to dwell with John le Strange to keep the march

To the sheriffs of London. Contrabreve to carry John de Bending and John de Bercham, the king's prisoners to Rading so as to have them before his justices on Thursday after All Saints

To Geoffrey de Lyston. Contrabreve to cause the keepers of the king's works at Windesores to have 40 out of the lands late of John de Bending and John de Bercham to complete the said works.

Karesbroc castle with 2 parts of 2 hundreds in the Isle Wyth.........Sir William de Insula holds 7 1/2 and 1/8th knight's fees... Simon de Benenges 1/2 fee

Paid: 17l. 10s. in two tallies to Juliane de Bending and William de Burgo

Patent Rolls of Henry III
All the land which belonged to Adam de Bendenges has been entrusted to W. Marescallum. Adam de Bendenges is given letters of conduct to go to W. Marescallum

Thome de Benninges has been granted custody of lands and inheritance of John de Northye. Letters are signed by W. Marescalli as testimony.

Thomas de Bendenges assigned to Kancia (as judge?)

Willelmus de Bendenges assigned to Surrey (as judge?). Name is cancelled in duplicate copy.

Thome de Bendenges has been entrusted with 'omnes terras et possessiones pertinentes ad episcopatum Dunholmensem inter Theyse et Tvede, cum castris Dunhomie et de Northcum'. (all the lands and possessions belonging to the diocese of..). A mandate is sent to Thomas the same year where he is described as a 'bailiff'

Gunnora de Bendenges is disputing with Peter son of 'Olyveri' about a holding in Brictewell and Overton

The king grants Walter de Faucunberg custody of land and inheritance of Walter de Bendeng until the heir comes of age.

Grant to Bertram de Crioill of the residue of the waste and the wardship of the land late of John de Bendenges from 17 June this year until the full age of Thomas son and heir of Peter de Bendenges saving to the king the lands which the said John held in chief.

1254/ 3/28
Pardon at the instance of Guy de Lezignan, the king's brother to John de Bending of his flight and outlawry for robbery, whereof he was charged and convicted by verdict of the country; on the usual conditions.

1264/ 5/10
Thomas de Benenges of Neweland is given safe conduct to come with the men of the Weald to Canterbury to treat of matters with the king there.

Patent Rolls of Richard II
William de Bendeng(es) acted as a witness to a charter of Henry II granting nuns and brethren of Woodstock freedom from toll etc. the charter was inspected and confirmed in the reign of Richard II 1385/10/1

Ratification of the estate of John Bendyng as parson of Henxhull in the diocese of Canterbury.

Red Book of the Exchequer
Ace de Penrith, Robertus de Meldrone, Mauricius de Trotisworthe, Stephanus de Bendinges, Redulfus de St. Albano, hold fees of Abbot of Certesia

Mauricius de Bendinges, dimidium militem, Adam de Bendinge iiij partem (??) Milites Abbatis Cesteseyae

Registrum epistolarum J. Peckham, Arch. Canterbur
1279/ 6/28
Thomas de Bendinges did homage to Archbishop Peckham for 1/20th part of a knight's fee at Neweland in Cherring.

Testa de Nevill
Roger de Cobham holds in Thurnham one fifth of a knight's fee of Alice de Bending and she of William de Say (this Alice de Bending was one of the five daughters and co-heirs of Stephen de Thurnham

Walter de Bending is to have some of his inheritance at Suhampton which has been in the custody of Walter de Faucunberg......Alice claims this land

John de Bendeng alias Bennenges. Writ to the sherriff of Southampton - Odiham, 3 virgates of land held of Thomas de Bennenges, who held of the abbot of Certesy and not of the king

Thomas de Bending, knight. Milites commorantes in municione castris Dove(?)

Robert Bending, attorney

Ordination to 1st tonsure of the priesthood of Ricardus Byndyng, Johannes Byndyng, Willelmus Byndyng, of Leighton Busard, Lincs

Institution of Richard de Alleslee, priest by his proctor Richard called Byndyng to Leybourne....

Thomas Bendynge of Leyton Busard

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