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Eulogy for Stan Henry

We are here to mourn, and say good-bye to Stanley Oswald Henry. Stan began his life in Regina, Saskatchewan on January 10, 1918, where he was born to Dave and Eva Henry. As a child, the family moved to Edmonton where Stan continued his education. The family then moved to Red Deer, Alberta in the early 1930's. Here Stan grew to a young man working as a fireman for the Canadian Pacific Railway.

In September of 1939, Stan enlisted in the Canadian Army. During his enlistment, Stan was part of the first contingent of the Canadian Forces to reach British shores. His tour continued through the Central Mediterranean and North Western Europe.


After the war, Stan was honorably discharged in September of 1945. After his service in the army, Stan was unable to return to the C.P.R. He was then hired by the Alberta Liquor Control Board where he spent the next 22 years. During his stay in Red Deer, Stan met Eva Jones, now his loving wife. On July 22, 1967 Stan and Eva were married, they then moved to Fort McMurray, back to Red Deer then to Marwayne.

It was in 1977 that Stan fell ill, he fought against this for 16 years. We will always remember him as a man who had an extremely strong will to live. He was always teasing and making people laugh. He is remembered as a loving caring man.

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