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Obituary of Sidney Ernest Bending

Baptised 1910 Plymouth, Married 1933 Tiverton, Died  1947   Tiverton

The funeral took place on Saturday of Mr. Sidney Ernest Bending, of Home Farm, Chevithorne,who was fatally injured while motor cycling on Newte's Hill, Tiverton, on Wednesday. Only son of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Bending. Mr Bending was age 36 and had served for 17 years with the Great Western Railway Co., at Cullompton, Hemyock and Exeter. He left the railway two years ago and went into business with his father-in-law Mr. G. Fewings, the monumental mason, at Tiverton. A widow, daughter aged 13 and infant son are left. The Rev. W. A. Pocock, Unitarian minister, officiated.

The family mourners were: Mrs S. E. Bending, widow; Miss Christine Bending, daughter; Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Bending, parents; Mr. and Mrs. G. Fewings, father-in-law and mother-in-law; Mr. W. Bending (Penzance), Mr. F.Bending (Thorveton), Mrs B. Manley, Mrs N. Hibbett, Mr. J. Bending (Newton Abbot), Mrs. W. Bending (Uffculme), Mr. B. E. Hobbs (Tiverton), Mr. W. Northam, Mrs. A. Denner, Mrs. H. Bidgood (Burnham-on-Sea), Mr. S. T. Galpin, uncles and aunts; Mr. F. C. Fewings, brother-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Fewings, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Mrs S. Lushcombe, Mr. H. Bending, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Manley (Topsham), Mrs. J. Sharland, Mr. B. Hobbs (Minehead), Mr. G. Hobbs (Williton), Mr R. Hobbs, 1117 Mrs. A. Whitton,

. Mrs. C. E. Cuddeford, Mrs. R. Roberts (West Anstey), Mrs. R. Penn (Okehampton), Mr. L. Vigar, Mr. W. Vigar, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Galpin, Mr. D. Galpin, Mr. F. Galpin, Mr. A. W. Denner, Mrs. Drewe, cousins. Mr. B. E. Hobbswas also representing Mr. H. Hobbs (Sparkford) and Mr. F. Hobbs (South Africa), Mr. W. Galpin, uncle, was unable to be present.

Sympathisers present were: Mr. H. Gardner and Mrs. J Higgins (representing Messrs. W. H. Fewing and Son); Mr. W. Morrish (representing Cullompton G.W.R. staff); Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Cox, Miss K. Gear, Mrs B. Raven, Mrs R. W. Heale, Miss H. Discombe, Mr. andd Mrs. H. Yendell, Mr. W. H. Lyddon, Mrs. R. Norrish, Mrs. G. Small (representing Mr. G. Small, G.W.R.), Mrs Chambers, Mrs. Greenslade, Mrs. H. Kingdom, Mrs. J. Dunn, Miss H. Morgan, Miss M. Snow,Miss J. Rowland, Mr. W. J. Pavey.

Mrs. R. Ford, Mrs. T. North, Mrs. H. Denner, Mrs. F. Widgery, Mr. J. Langworthy, Mrs. A. Richards (representing Mr. A. Richards, G.W.R.), Mrs. J. Holway, Mrs. L. Salter, Mrs. S. Westcott, Mr. E. Scanes, Mr. C. Sharland, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Gratton (Tiveron), Mr. and Mrs. H. Rowe, Mrs F. Pipe, Mr. C. Harris (Ide), Mr. F. Wren (Ide), Mr. A. H. Salway.

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