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Caroline Selins Bending - Thief and Receiver Sentenced at Honiton - 1932

Albert James Hussey was charged at Honiton Police Court to day with stealing, the prisoner pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three months imprisonment on each of four charges, the terms to run consecutively

Caroline Selina Bending, 68, widow, of Silver Street, Honiton, was sentenced to three months imprisonment with hard labour for receiving some of the goods knowing them to have been stolen

The Mayor (the Rev. the Hon. F L Courtenay), was accompanied on the Bench by Major Gordon Halswell and Mr J H Rogers, said they took a very serious view of the case against Bending. They thought she materially helped Hussey in his constant petty larceny

The charges against Hussey were first dealt with
.......William Jas Tozer, who lives with Mrs Bending, said he remembered the prisoner calling with a raincoat and saying that someone had given it to him. Prisoner said he wanted to sell it to get some food. Witness gave him 1/6 for it......
Supt Willcocks said prisoner at one time held a responsible position in the town, and his downfall was due to drink.

. There were previous convictions for drunkenness and theft. A great deal of sympathy had been extended to prisoner by townspeople......

Caroline Selina Bending was charged with receiving various goods, knowing the same to have been stolen. She admitted receiving the articles, but she denied "on her honour" knowing that they had been stolen....

....she denied having a sweater or seen a ring. Supt Willcocks said he would search the house. She then said, "There is no need to do that, I will get the sweater". Which she did. She also admitted having given Hussey 2/- for it, 1/2 for groceries, and 4/- for boots. A few minutes after her return to the police station Tozer came with the ring, and the following morning with the boots. She said "I am very sorry this has happened: I did it to screen Hussey, and it looks as if I have got myself into trouble"

Supt Willcocks said in 1925 prisonner was fined two pounds for stealing a watch and chain and a pair of boots

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