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William Bending

Born 17/11/1870 Honiton  Married 1897 Lambeth  Died 1943 Lambeth London
William, in at least one stage of his life, appears to have been a professional thief. There are records of two court cases where he, together with accomplices, was found guilty.

In 1894 William, with George Brown, stole a cask of rum from the Six Bells public house in King's Road, Chelsea. The cask had been left in a passageway, and William and George with the assistance of a barman and passers by loaded the cask on a cart and drove off. Unfortunately the passers by remembered a name on the side of the cart which led to William. He was sentenced to

three years' penal servitude as he had a record, George Brown, because of a good character received six months with hard labour. The cask was not recovered

In 1900 William together with three accomplices was found guilty of breaking and entering 2 Park Square West, Regents Park, the home of Sir Richard Farrant, and stole chandeliers, carpets, an oil painting and other items. He was sentenced to 12 months' hard labour. None of the property had been recovered.

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