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William Bending - The Railway Review 16 Aug 1964

Born 1877 Bradninch  Married 1901 Thorveton  Died 1963 Penzance


Many of the older members of the G.W.R. in the West Country will together with the Officers and members of the Plymouth 3 Branch, mourn the passing of Bro. W. Bending

His Railway career commenced in South Wales in the year 1895, and in 1904 he was transferred from Newport to Plymouth as a member of the District Relief Staff.

In 1914 he became the Assistant to the Chief Inspector at Plymouth, a post which he held until 1920 when he was appointed to Penzance as the District Inspector.

He will be remembered in West Cornwall for his sterling character, sound judgement, marked ability and integrity.

He joined the A.S.R.S. in January 1912, and became keenly interested in trade union affairs.

The great National Strike of 1926 found him on the streets with the other railway men.

But he was afterwards penalised by the Management who reduced him from District Inspector to Station Master at Gwinear Road for a period of 12 months.

It took courage to be a trade unionist in the year 1912, and it was the William Bendings of that time who laid the foundations of our Union


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