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James Robjohns - Tiverton Gazette and Devon Herald- 23rd February 1932

We regret to record the passing of Mr James Robjohns, of Council Gardens, Tiverton, son of Mrs Maria Robjohns and the late Mr Henry Robjohns, of New Inn Court, Tiverton

Mr Robjohns enlisted in the Devonshire Regiment, in 1900, he served in India and at home as a drummer and later rose to the rank of Corporal.

In 1914 Mr Robjohns who was on the Reserve list, was one of the first to be called to the Colours

After assisting in the training of the newly-formed Kitchener's Army, he went to France with the 9th Devons in 1916

In October 1917, Mr Robjohns was in the 3rd battle of Ypres in the assault on the Passchendale Ridge, where he lost one eye and was taken prisoner; lack of medical attention for several days resulted in total loss of sight. Mrs Robjohns received notification that her husband was posted as missing on October 25th

News came to hand on the January 3rd 1918, that Mr Robjohns was a prisoner at Ludendorff Prison Camp, and a few days later his parents received a teelegram from Holland, stating he was on his way to England.

On reaching home, Mr Robjohns had the experience of receiveng letters he had written in Germany.


In March, 1918. On discharge, he went to St Dunstan's Home for Blinded Soldiers and Sailors, where he was taught boot repairing and typing.

Upon leaving St Dunstan's, Mr Robjohns returned to Tiverton, where he plied his trade with success. As was the case with many other men from St Dunstan's, Mr Robjohns developed other senses to compensate for his affliction to a remarkable degree, and was able to make his way unaided about the Town.

His cheerfulness and optimism were an inspiration to all with whom he came in contact.

Mr Robjohns was taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital on February 3 for an operation for cancer; he died on Monday. He leaves a wife and four children, with whom sympathy is felt

Mr Robjohns was not the only member of a family which suffered greatly in the war. His brother. Pte H. Robjohns, of the 1st Devons was so severely injured that he was discharged from the Army after twelve years service on November 22, 1917. Pte G.H. Ashmore, his brother in law, received discharge on Augeust 26, 1915, after losing both his arms; another member of the family died at Devonport from illness contracted in the field

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