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Wills - after 1857

w1	1864   Ann(e)  of Great Yarmouth died 21/7/1860
		under 100        proved by Thomas Burgess
		Will  dated 9/7/1860
              		to Thomas Burgess, stonemason,all my household furniture  plate  plated
			goods glass china picture wearing apparel  monies and securities for  
			monies  and  all other my real and personal estate whatsoever for his 
			own use absolutely .and I desire that I may be  decently interred in 
			Bradwell Churchyard

w2	 1868   John  of Wellington Somerset Butcher died 19/9/1868
		under 200       proved by Eliza Bending widow of the relict
   		Will  dated 7/8/186
        			 all to my dear wife Eliza

w3  	1870    Charles late of Druid Arms Public House 34  East  St   Manchester Square Middlesex  
		(trading under the name Charles  Thomas  Parker) died 11 April 1870  
		under 2000      proved by Mary Bending widow of the relict 
		Will  dated 10/3/1870           
			 all to my wife then to my children

w4	1880	James of 439 Oxford Street Middlesex died 1/2/1880
		under 800       proved by Sarah Marsh spinster
		Will dated16/1/1880
			estate to friend Sarah Marsh of 439 Oxford Street

w5  	 1895   Jane Bending otherwise Fewins of 11 Bartholomew Street  East Exeter spinster 
		died  23/2/1895   
		56     to Maria Pulman and Ann Sanders  
		Will  dated  14/2/1890      	
	     		to  my  two  daughters Maria  Pulman  and Ann  sell all that 
			messuage or  tenement  called   Hill Cottage and the three cottages 
			adjoining situate  in Exe Street in the City of  Exeter divide the proceeds
  			of  sale  (subject to payment of legacy to Ann  Sanders)  unto and 
			between such  of the children of the said Maria Pulman or may be living at 
			her death and who shall  attain the age of 21 years
        	  		to my daughter Ann Sanders  - 
				all the residue to the said two daughters equally

w6	1900    Clara  of 75 Earlham Road Norwich widow died 7/7/1900
    		740    to Leonard George Bolingbroke solicitor
    		Will  dated 31/3/1900
            		to  Eliezer Birch Roche 70 to be expended by him  for the Lord's service 
			as he may think fit
            		to Martha Ruddell my landlady     5
              		Leonard George Bolingbroke (solicitor)  5
         	  		balance to my five nieces:-
				 	   Clarissa Macdonald
                                           Abimelle? Elizabeth Batters
                                           Ada Beatrice Critchfield
                                           Harriett Maria Critchfield
                                           Elizabeth Mary Rogers,       in equal shares
w7	1903    Mary of "Lucerne" Shoot-up Hill Brondesbury  Middlesex   widow died 15/8/1903
    		821    to Edwin Bending professor of music

w8	1903    William Henry of 7 Millbrook Place  Parkwood Road  Tavistock house decorator died 
   		288   1631 Mary Bending widow
    		Will dated 28/9/1899
            		all to my wife Mary

w9	1904    Henry of 7 Thurston Road Lewisham Kent died 3/4/1904 
    		248    to Kezia Bending widow

w10	1906    Kezia  of 7 Thurston Road Lewisham Kent died 31/10/1905 at Lewisham Infirmary
    		54     to Henry George Bending engineer
    		Will dated 29/7/1904
          	  	to my son Henry George of 7 Thurston Road
              		daughter  Agnes Rachel Porter  of  12  Outram  Street, Darlington

w11    1906     Annie   of  8 Elm Street  Northampton  (wife  of Eli  Bending)  died 21/9/1906
    		201    to Eli Bending currier

w12    1906     John of 1 Oxford villas Oxford Road  Bournemouth  died 5/1/1906
    		103    to Sarah Ann Bending widow

w13	1910    Flora  1 place de la Republique  Bois  Colombe  Seine   France  wife of James 
		Edwin died on 3/11/1909 at 8 avenue  de  la   Republique Epinay France
    		119    to James Edwin Bending tailor

w14	1912    Walter  of Cullompton Devon died 16/6/1912
    		153    to Sarah Bending widow

w15	1913    John labourer of 5 Adelaide Place Cardiff died 4/5/1913
    		354    to 8400 George Bending mariner in merchant service James Arthur Bending 
    		Will dated 9/6/1912
             		to my son James Arthur my watch and if deceased to his  son Rundle James
                   		granddaughter Jessie Sparkes my wife's watch
                   		daughter Emily Sparkes wife of the  late Samuel  Sparkes  my  
				mangle and  all   its  accessories
                 		sons  George  Charle s Arthur
                  		 daughters Jessie Rees wife of Richard Rees Emily Sparkes

w16	1913    Mary Ann  of 2 Park Place Combe Down Bath spinster died   31/7/1913
    		206    to James Bending tailor retired
    		Will dated 1/1/1913
            			to my only brother James of 2 Prospect Place
w17	1916    James of 2 Prospect Place Combe Down Somerset retired tailor died 5/5/1916
		408    to Charles Ernest George Hawkins & John Pearce
    		Will dated 8/7/1915
            			to Annie Bending widow of my deceased son Frank
                		my sons James Edwin Walter Sydney Alfred
                   		daughters Leila  Annie Hawkins
    		Codicil dated 2/5/1916
            			to my daughter in law Mrs Alfred Bending all my monies  and  
			        balance  at PO to pay 8 shillings per week  to  Mrs  Brewer

w18	1919    Edwin  Owen  of Station House Wellow  near  Bath  2nd  lieutenant Kings Royal Rifle
		 Corps died 4/1/1919
    		324    to Emma Harriett Bending (wife of Edward Bending)
    		LOA with Will dated 9/4/1918 attached
            			to my mother Mrs Bending of Wellow Bath

w19	1922    Eli  currier  of 45 Francis  Street  Northampton  died  28/8/1922
   	 	381             to Edward Barnes registration agent
    		Will dated 5/71910
            			to my daughter Annie Bailey
                  		niece Louisa Bending
w20	1922    Mary Ann  of 33 Alfred Street Neath Glamorgan (wife of William Henry) died 18/9/1921
    		245    to reverend Griffiths Matthews clerk
    		Will dated 10/12/1918
             		to my brother  reverend Griffith Mathews, vicar
                  		 daughter Ann
                  		 late brother William Mathews

w21    1924     Emma Harriett  of Stalbridge Dorset (wife of Edward Bending)  died 31/7/1924
    		589    to 8402 Edward Bending station master
    		Will dated 19/5/1924
            			to my husband Edward
               			daughters Mildred Amy Pankhurst   
 		                          Edith Caroline Eastment 

w22 	1925	James of Hope villa Seaton Devon died 13/9/1925 at Devon & Exeter Hospital Exeter
    		715    to John Bending coppersmith of  57  Portland  Street Exeter
    		Will dated 1/12/1924
            			to my daughter Bessie
                  		granddaughterWinifred Alice Raymont
               		all my daughters and sons

w23  	1925    John  of 181 Stapleton Road Bristol died 5/4/1925
    		600   to Charles Sunstrom engineer  &  rev  Silas George Jenkins minister
    		Will dated 25/2/1925
            			to my sister Eliza Sunstrom

w24	1927    Alfred Elias   Lamorna 2  Woodland  Crescent  Downend  Bristol  died 31/5/1927
   		194    to Alfred Alexander Hicks wholesale  confectionery foreman
    		Will dated 30/7/1926
            			to my daughter Maggie Maude Beatrice

w25 	1927    Elizabeth Ann 47 St John's Road Redhill Surrey (wife of Ernest Edward) died 1/4/1927
    		118    to Ernest Edward Bending butler

w26 	1927    John  of  Misterton Somerset died 6/11/1927  
    		134    to Elizabeth Bending spinster
    		Will: dated 12/10/1927 - retired railway signalman
            			to my niece Elizabeth Bending, now residing with me

w27 	1929    Frederick George  of Lovely Vale Perranzabuloe Cornwall died 1/11/1928 at 
		Paignton Devon
    		250    to Annie Rosetta Bending widow

w28 	1929    William  of Woodbine Cottage New Road  Forrest  Green  Surrey  died 26/2/1929
    		1857   to William Ernest Bending carpenter Thomas James Bending draughtsman
   		Will: dated 4/4/1929? - of St Margarets Hotel, St Margarets, Mddsx Hotel Proprietor
            			to my wife Amelia Adelaide
                 		 4 children  William Ernest
				             Thomas James
                                             Amelia Hayward
                                             Evelyn Ellen Turton
w29 	1930    Emma Lebam  Peasland Road Sidmouth  Devon  (wife  of  William  Shephard Bending)
	 	died 7/4/1930
    		262    to William Shephard Bending  retired carpenter

w30 	1930    George William  of 3 Felbrigge Road Seven Kings  Essex   died  3/6/1930
    		1366   to Marie Louise Bending widow  Harry Bending scalemaker
w31	1931    John Staddon of 19 Brighton Terrace Darwen Lancashire died 17/8/1931
		655   to Herbert Hopkinson  weaver   Percy Lane  railway worker
		Will dated 23/12/1930
			to my wife  Mary Ellen Bending
			daughters Violet Hopkinson of 17 Brighton Terrace,  Winifred Bending
                        of 19 Brighton Trerrace

w32	1932    Bessie Jane of Lyndale 66 Park Road Heavitree Exeter (wife of Edwin James Cann 
		Bending) died 25/5/1932
    		117    to Edwin James Cann Bending retired railway clerk, Reginald George
			 Holcombe Bending and Arthur Edwin Bending railway employees
    		Will dated 27/6/1930
           			to my husband Edwin James Cann Bending
	         	           sons  Reginald George Holcombe Bending                       		           		            
		                         Arthur Edwin Bending

w33	1933    Ann Eliza  of 40 Salisbury Road  Chatham  widow  died  5/7/1933
    		501    to John Alfred Bending artificer Royal Navy
    		Will dated 3/4/1931
            			to my son Alfred Bending

w34	1934    Amelia Adelaide  Woodbine Cottage New Road Forest Green  Dorking Surrey widow 
		died 6/4/1934 at Twickenham
    		872    to William Ernest Bending carpenter Thomas James Bending engineers'
    		Will  dated  29/11/1917 -  of St  Margarets  Hotel,  St  Margarets,  Middlesex.    
            			to my four children:-
               			 William Ernest
               			 Thomas James
               			 Amelia Hayward
               			 Evelyn Ellen Turton
w35 	1935    Emily  of 105 Brook Street Dawlish Devon spinster  died  15/5/1935
    		165   to John  Bending  railway employee of  57  Portland Street Exeter - executor
    		Will dated 18/3/1927
            			to my brother John Bending of Misterton, Somerset
               			 Elizabeth,  daughter of my late  brother  William

w36 	1935    Herbert James Hoddenott  of The Trees Pinewood  avenue  Ensbury Bournemouth 
		died 16/5/1935
		336  to Ethel Jane Bending

w37 	1936    Maggie Maude Beatrice  of Gainford Woodside Grange road North Finchley 
		Middlesex spinster died 28/11/1935
    		308    to Alfred Alexander Hicks confectioner   Frederick Robert Palmer painter
    		Will dated 24/7/1931
            			to my trustees Alfred Alexander Hicks - Bristol
                           	Frederick Palmer - Birmingham
               		Bristol Eye Hospital
               		Downend Church
w38 	1938    Charles  of 17 Oxenpark avenue Wembley Middlesex  died  16/7/1938
    		733    to  Gertrude Bending widow
    		Will - wife  Gertrude

w39 	1938    Edward  of Ash Tree Farm Berrow Road Burnham  on  sea  Somerset died 14/6/1938
    		402    to  Hubert Alan schoolmaster
    		Will dated 13/9/1924  of Station House, Stalbridge, Station Master
            			to my son  Hubert Alan
             		daughters  Mildred Amy Pankhurst - Reading
                                   Edith Caroline - Abertysswg

w40 	1938    William Shepherd  of 84 High Street Cosham Portsmouth    died 14/6/1938
    		167  to  Mabel Rose Partoon wife of  Frank Partoon

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