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Wills - after 1857 - page 2

w41	1940    Gertrude Mary  of 17 Oxenpark Avenue Wembley  Middlesex  spinster died 15/4/1940
		 at Charing Cross Hospital
    		419    to   Gertrude Bending widow

w42 	1941    Ethel Annie  of Silverton Exeter spinster died 5/3/1941
    		703    to  Herbert John Bending retired post office official

w43 	1942    Frederick Percy  of  33 Turner Street Northampton  died  2/2/1942
    		440    to  Martha Eardley Bending widow
    		Will dated 2/4/1934
            			to my wife  Martha Hurdley

w44 	1942    John  of Feniton near Honiton Devon died  4/8/1942  at   Redhill House St Thomas
  		480    to reverend Samuel James Ford baptist minister
    		Will dated 25/7/1942
            			to my brother  Bertie James
                 		 sisters  Mary

w45 	1942   John  Alfred   of  40  Salisbury  Road  Chatham  died  26/5/1942
    		847    to  Gertrude Marion Bending widow

w46  	1943   Henry William of East Keal Spilsby Lincoln died on or since 9/11/1942 on war service
    		745    to Midland Bank    Lizzie Brown spinster
    		Will dated 31/10/1940 - insurance agent
            			to Lizzie Brown The Woodlands where I now reside -
				then  to  Waifs and Strays

w47  	1943    James Arthur  of 97 Pentrebone Street  Grange  Gardens  Cardiff died 25/2/1943
    		384    to  Melinda Hester Bending widow
    		Will dated 3/12/1920 
            			to my wife  Melinda Hester

w48 	1943    William  Robert Samuel George  of  8  Wyndham  Square   Plymouth  died 20/3/1943
    		679    to Dorothea Caroline Montague   spinster
    		Will dated 16/2/1942
           		to my wife  Elsie Kate Bending
               		my son  William Robert Ernest Bending

w49 	1944   Harry  of 21 Rosehill Terrace Colstock  Cornwall  died   10/12/1943 at Liskeard
    		401    to  Mary Ann Cumin Bending widow

w50 	1946    Edith  of 22 Beaumont Road Newton Abbot (wife of  John  Bending) died 21/7/1946
    		653    to John Bending retired signalman

w51 	1946    Sydney John  of 12 Albert Road  Bexhill-on-sea  Sussex  died 17/12/1945
    		1886   to  Eliza Winifred Bending widow      Barbara Joyce Bending spinster

w52 	1947    Frank Bausor  of the Dovecot 72 Wickham Avenue  Bexhill  on  sea Sussex died 13/2/1947
    		3680   to  Emma Lydia Bending widow
    		Will  dated 28/8/1947
            		to my wife  Emma Lydia
              		witnessed  Frank Roy B of Oldbury House, Hooe, near Battle, and
			Megan Sylvia  Hawken  of   same address

w53 	1947    Percy Enoch  of 2 Kingsley Road Mutley  Plymouth  died   22/10/1946
    		3001   to Basil Henry Prance Solicitor   Ivy Winifred Chapman married woman
    		Will  dated  24/10/1946   
            		to  my  sisters  Ivy  Winifred  Chapman- Birmingham
                            		 Kate Uarath Beer - Paignton
                                         Violet Minerva Brown - Plymouth
                                         Mary Gertrude Wilson - Pluckley
                             b-i-l       Thomas Beer
                                         Major Henry J M Wilson
                      		  witnessed Vivien Minerva Carson

w54	1947    Sidney Ernest of Home Farm Chevithorne  near Tiverton  Devon died 27/8/1947
    		155    to Doris May Bending widow

w55 	1947    William Bromfield  of 46 East John  Street  New  Town  Exeter died 14/12/1946
    		396    to  Elizabeth Rose Williams widow
    		Will  dated 24/3/1934 -of 41 Donegal St, Pentonville London N1 appoint my sisters 
			  Mrs Williams of  65  Lowther  Road,  Bournemouth,  widow of 
			  John Williams, and Mrs  Hall of Malvin House, 4a  Jordan  Well, Coventry                  		
			  to my sisters as above
               		  friend Mary Anderson
	             	  residuary estate to my nephews and nieces
                    		Gladys Allen,          Evelyn Perry 
              		        Lilian Bending, Florrie (married)  Harry Bending 
			        Frederick Bending      Kenneth Callows
              		            witnessed by two bootmakers

w56 	1948    Gertrude  Bessie  of 158  Capstone  Road  Bournemouth  spinster  died 22/11/1948
    		496    to  Ernest Charles Bending deputy local  fuel overseer

w57 	1949    Bessie  of Parc Letta Heamoor Penzance (wife of William  Bending) died 14/2/1949
    		1384   to  William Bending retired railway inspector
    		Will  dated 11/4/1949
            			to my husband William

w58 	1949    Frederick John, retired decorator and painter of 365 Old Laira Road Laira  Plymouth 
		  died  28/11/1949
    		1835   to  Bertha Louisa Bending widow
    		Will   dated 23/1/1947
            			to my wife  Bertha Louise

w59 	1949    Isabella  of 64 Norman Road St Leonards on  sea  widow  died  4/1/1949
    		615    to Percy Ernest William Walker   Richard Thomas Henry Perkins solicitors
    		Will  dated 28/8/1947
            		to my sister Ada Florence Mastin
                  	stepson  Frederick James of  44,  Cobourg  Ave, Winnipeg, Canada
                  	stepdaughter Edith Hughes of  808  Peninsula   Ave, Burlinghame, California
                  	niece Kitty Parker of St Leonards
                  	husband Sydney, during his life, then to  Ely House for the Blind, St Leonards

w60 	1949    Robert William Ernest  of 8 Wyndham  Square Plymouth  died  21/7/1949
    		427    to  Violet Martha Bending widow

w61 	1950    Alfred   of 2 Prospect Place  Combe  Down  Bath  died   4/9/1950
    		1592   to  Agnes Page Bending widow

w62 	1950    Annie  of 21 Van Road Caerphilly Glamorgan  widow  died  28/8/1950
    		269    to Annie Tarrant Seymour

w63 	1950    Elizabeth Jane  of 57 Shaws Road  Birkdale Southport Lancs spinster died  26/3/1950
    		389    to  Alice Bending spinster

w64 	1950    Gertrude  of 22 St Peters Road Croydon  Surrey  widow  died  11/7/1950
    		3380   to  Charles Oscar Bending inspector of taxes
    		Will dated 7/7/1946   
            			to my four children
              		 	Charles Oscar Bending
               		 	Robert Ernest Bending
               		 	Beatrice Annie Webb
               		 	Emma Bending
      		 	 witnesses include -E L Bending  Stock Exchange  London  Stockjobber

w65 	1951    Harold  Thomas  of 6 Portland  Villas  Plymouth  died  29/11/1950
    		467    to  Annie Louise Bending widow

w66 	1952    Reginald John  of 36 Council Gardens  Tiverton  Devon  died 15/2/1951
    		297    to  May Bending widow

w67 	1953    John   of 22 Beaumont Road Newton  Abbot  Devon  died 19/6/1953
    		1963   to   Sylvia May Luscombe  (wife  of  Reginald   Bahram Luscombe)
    		Will  dated 25/9/1946
            			to my grandson Ivor John Luscombe -
                 		daughter Sylvia May Luscombe of 30 Garston Avenue  Newton  Abbot,
			        the remainder 

w68  	1953    Mary Ellen  of 19 Brighton Terrace Darwen  Lancs  widow  died 3/11/1953
    		252    to  Violet Hopkinson  Winifred Burns
     		Will   dated 25/9/1931
            			to my two daughters  Violet  Hopkinson  and Winifred Bending,
				 all my property

w69 	1954    Elizabeth   of  Misterton  Somerset  spinster   died 12/9/1954
    		210    to   Mary Ann Bending  spinster  Bertie James Bending railway signalman
     		Will  dated 8/6/1957
            			to my brother  Bertie James of  Stafford 
                  		sister  Mary Ann of  Bideford,  
            			to  Frank Butler of Misterton

w70	1954    Elsie Kate  of 8 Wyndham Square Plymouth  widow  died  19/6/1954
    		852    to  Violet Martha Davey
     		Will  dated  15/2/1950
            			to  my  daughter-in-law  Violet Martha Davey  -  all  I  possess

w71 	1954    Frederick  James   of 205  Moor  End  Lane  Erdington   Birmingham  died 10/5/1953
    		3550   to 1 Florence Edith Bending widow
    		Will dated 26/3/1953
     			to my wife  Florence Edith
                 		 children  Maureen Alicia, Rosemary Alison

w72 	1954    Herbert John  of The Square Silverton near Exeter  died   11/2/1953 at Gloucester
    		2137   to  Douglas Dennis Bending licensed victualler

w73 	1955    Frederick  of 11 Cleaves Close Thorveton  Devon  died   30/4/1955
    		888    to Nellie May Secombe
    		Will: dated 6/7/1949
            			to my daughter  Nellie May Sercombe
                  		son Leslie Frederick
          			witness  William of 3  Parc  Letts,  Heamoor Penzance, 
				  retired District Inspector GWR

w74 	1956    Mary  of Ardglass 64 Greenway Crescent  Taunton  widow  died  11/10/1956
    		2685   to  Henrietta Grace Hounsell      Ellen Mockridge widows
    		Will  dated 28/9/1954
            			to my daughter Henrietta Grace Hounsell
                    		then to my granddaughter Margaret Anne Hounsell
                  		sons  Reginald William and  Harold Francis  
                  		grandchildren  Reginald,  Pauline  Margaret Ann Hounsell,
 				Susan, Roger, Elizabeth,  Ann

w75 	1956     Sidney  of 44 Higher Street  Cullompton  Devon  died  7/10/1956
    		505    to Rose Ellen Whitton
    		Will  dated 4/8/1953
            			to my wife  Rose Ann

w76	1957    Bertha Louisa  of The Lelant Nursing Home  Glen  Road  Mannomead Plymouth widow
		 died 16/6/1957
    		1235   to  Norman Reginald Bending dockyard instructor
    		Will  dated 17/3/1953
            			to my sons -
               		 	Norman Reginald
              		 	Wilfred Powell
               		 	Frederick William George
               		 	Francis Edward

w77 	1957    Edwin James Cann  of Lyndale 66 Park  Road  Heavitree   Exeter died 23/10/1956
    		967    to  Reginald George Holcombe Bending railway guard Arthur Edwin Bending 
				railway  signalman
    		Will dated 27/6/1930
            			to my wife Bessie Jane 
                 		sons   Reginald George Holcombe 
                            	       Arthur Edwin

w78 	1957    Helena  of 19 Church Street Silverton  Devon spinster  died 13/7/1957
    		3807   to Cecil Dennis Carter head postmaster
    		Will dated 7/4/1955
            			to my nephew Cecil Dennis Carter and niece Enid Joy Ivens

w79 	1957    John Thomas  of 7 Arthur Street Philips Marsh  Bristol  died 30/11/1955
    		248    to Rose Emily Bending widow

w80 	1958    Beatrice  of 56 Conrad Drive  Worcester  Park  Surrey  (wife of George Henry
		 Bending) died 4/9/1958
    		615    to  George Henry Bending plasterer
    		Will dated 21/4/1958
            			to George Henry
            			to my daughter Joyce Sylvia Mulcahy

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