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Family connections

Before the 19C diaspora spouses were local so there were intermarriages between families; a Bending married a Bovett, a Bovett married an Eveleigh, an Eveleigh married

a Bending, an Eveleigh married a Ware, a Ware married a Bending, and so on. This table, which has links to descendant trees, gives some examples

Bending mBond
Bending mBrice
Bending mDenner
Bending mLugge
Bending mRobjohns
Bending mFewins
Bending mCarnel
Bending mPreston -PrestonmCarnell
Bending mFronks -FronksmLake
Bending mGlass -GlassmEden -EdenmSlay
Bending mMeldon -MeldonmBower -BowermOwen
Bending mMeldon
Bending mChannon
Bending mChannon -ChannonmBovett -BovettmBending
Bending mStiling -StilingmBovett
Bending mBovett -BovettmEveleigh -EveleighmBending
Bending mWare -WaremEveleigh
Bending mWare

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